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George Clooney Feeling ‘Henpecking’ and ‘Trapped’ In Marriage To Amal? Here’s The Truth

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George Clooney Feeling ‘Henpecking’ and ‘Trapped’ In Marriage To Amal? Here’s The Truth Empty George Clooney Feeling ‘Henpecking’ and ‘Trapped’ In Marriage To Amal? Here’s The Truth

Post by Admin Thu 25 Feb 2021, 19:28

Bless GossipCop for finding all the tabloid stories for us.  Here's ore nonsense:

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George Clooney Feeling ‘Henpecking’ and ‘Trapped’ In Marriage To Amal? Here’s The Truth

Matthew Radulski

7:00 pm, February 22, 2021

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(Getty Images)

Tabloids operate in extremes. George Clooney went from being the world’s most eligible bachelor, the poster-boy for not settling down, to a devoted husband to Amal Clooney and father of twins. Rather than examine how people can grow and change, the tabloids instead chose to say he was trapped and being controlled by his domineering wife. Here are some stories Gossip Cop has busted about George and Amal Clooney.

George ‘Trapped’ By Amal

According to Life & Style, George and Amal were facing a $1 billion divorce. The two had tried everything “from therapy to a trial separation,” but the two had finally “hit a wall. And friends fear there’s no going back.” George had “been trapped in an unhappy marriage for a long time now and feels ready to start the next chapter in his life.” 

Gossip Cop busted this story because it totally misunderstood what Amal’s job as a lawyer entailed. The tabloid thought being an international human rights lawyer was the same as being an American divorce lawyer, which is just not how it all works. George constantly sings the praises of Amal, so we busted this story.

‘$570 Million Divorce’

In the Globe version of this tired narrative, the Clooneys were fighting over $570 million, which is far less than the $1 billion we heard from Life & Style. Anyway, the tabloid claimed George was choosing his parents over his wife: “George’s parents are getting up there in age — his dad, Nick, is 86 and his mom, Nina, is 82 — and he feels it’s his duty to have them move out of their home in Kentucky and live with them in LA,” much to Amal’s chagrin. A source said, “they’re constantly fussing over George and his mom still treats him like a baby, even though that ‘baby’ is pushing 60.” 

Gossip Cop busted this story because George had recently given an interview where he talked about longing to see his parents, which just shows that they’re simply not living with him in LA.

George Forced To Stop Drinking

According to the National Enquirer, Amal had forced George to quit drinking. Amal “convinced him to go cold turkey” and it made him “irritable.” The Michael Clayton star was “jonesing for his evening cocktail,” and had become “a real pain in the butt.” 

Gossip Cop swiftly debunked this silly story, for George did an interview where he said he and Amal had not been squabbling in quarantine, and he’d recently joked about drinking to get through the lockdown. Amal did not force him to stop drinking, so the story was bogus.

Macho Man Act

According to Globe, George’s “tequila swilling macho-man image is all an act,” and he was actually “a total henpecked hubby, bossed around by his brainy lawyer wife, Amal.” The Ocean’s Eleven star was “totally whipped… he’s happy to let Amal be the boss while he takes care of the kids and the chores.” 

Gossip Cop pointed out how this story was a sterling example of this tabloid’s regressive values. George did an interview where he said he was happy to cut his kid’s hair so Amal wouldn’t have to do all the household chores. This gesture of maturity is hardly a result of being “whipped.”

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