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George Clooney Accused Of Cheating On Amal – Here’s The Truth

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George Clooney Accused Of Cheating On Amal – Here’s The Truth Empty George Clooney Accused Of Cheating On Amal – Here’s The Truth

Post by Admin Tue 04 May 2021, 19:29

Once again the rumour-mongers are busy, and once again we can thank Gossip Cop for setting us straight:

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George Clooney Accused Of Cheating On Amal – Here’s The Truth

Matthew Radulski
7:00 pm, May 1, 2021

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Julia Roberts, George Clooney and Amal Clooney attend the screening of "Money Monster" at the annual
(Getty Images)

The world was stunned when George Clooney decided to settle down. He and Amal Clooney will celebrate their 7th anniversary in 2021. If you believed the tabloids, however, you’d think Clooney was a serial cheater with no regard for his wife or family. These rumors are utter nonsense, for the two are still very happily married. Here are some stories Gossip Cop has debunked about Clooney’s fidelity.

Getting Too Cozy With Julia Roberts
Clooney and Julia Roberts have been close for decades, and they’re preparing to star in Ticket to Paradise. According to New Idea, Roberts banned Amal Clooney from the set so she could have George to herself. An insider said, “George is being encouraged not to have Amal or their twins visit him while they’re on,” which George was happy to do. This was a bait and switches story that promoted a rivalry between Roberts and Amal, only to then report that COVID-19 makes visiting sets rather ill-advised. Roberts and Amal are friends in their own right, so there’s no rivalry or ban in place.

Too Much Chemistry?
With Clooney and Roberts reuniting in Ticket to Paradise, tabloids have had a field day with speculation and bogus stories. The National Enquirer reported that the two were getting flirty on set, while Woman’s Day reported that Amal gave Roberts a stern warning: “stay away from George.” These stories either fail to mention that Roberts has been married to Danny Moder for nearly twenty years, or write that strong marriage off as “being on the rocks.” In reality, these are two healthy marriages that aren’t being destroyed because of the new project.

Chatting Up Katie Holmes
According to New Idea, George Clooney was regularly talking to Katie Holmes on the phone. Holmes was, a supposed friend said, “determined to attach herself to a blockbuster movie- and she’s been advised to call in favors from A-list pals.” Clooney has a soft spot for Holmes, and the chemistry with Holmes was making Amal uncomfortable. Gossip Cop debunked this story because George and Amal are still in love, and Holmes is regularly photographed enjoying her time with chef Emilio Vitolo Jr. The tabloid seemingly chose the only photos in existence of Clooney and Holmes together to build up this story, but in reality, there’s nothing going on.

Hot Water With Catherine Zeta-Jones
Once again, New Idea, postulated that Clooney was betraying his wife, this time with Catherine Zeta-Jones. Amal was apparently so angry with Zeta-Jones that she’d “blacklisted” the Chicago star from ever working with her husband again. A so-called insider inanely said “Catherine is like a Hollywood version of Amal,” and that the “chemistry between” Zeta-Jones and Clooney “is electric. Even though Catherine is married to Michael Douglas, Amal does not want her husband cozying up to her much sexier doppelganger on a film set.” Clooney hasn’t worked with Zeta-Jones since Ocean’s Twelve over 15 years ago, and both are happily married.

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