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gossip: George Clooney 'Dumped' By Wife Amal?

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gossip: George Clooney 'Dumped' By Wife Amal? Empty gossip: George Clooney 'Dumped' By Wife Amal?

Post by Admin Wed 09 Dec 2020, 20:05

It's Wednesday, so it must crazy tabloid gossip day!

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George Clooney 'Dumped' By Wife Amal?

Elyse Johnson

9:00 pm, December 8, 2020

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A tabloid is alleging that Amal Clooney dumped George Clooney over marital problems and disagreements on having more children. The rumor says that George's reluctance to have another child is at fault. Gossip Cop took a closer look at the suspicious report.

Amal Clooney Is Fed Up With George?

New Idea says now that four years have passed since George and Amal Clooney welcomed their twins, Ella and Alexander, Amal is itching to expand the family brood. However, the tabloid purports that despite conversations that the two would at least have one more, time is “running out,” and Amal realizes she has to give up on her dream. This, the publication alleges, could mean the end of the fairytale romance for the Clooneys.

“Amal tried so hard to be patient with George, but they’ve dragged their feet for so long, it will now be nearly impossible to conceive,” a source states. The insider continues, saying that though George is in “fantastic” shape, “George is getting less and less interested in having another toddler running around.” The source claims that Amal understands her husband’s reluctance, but it’s something she could come to resent.

Is The Clooney Marriage Headed For Doom?

“A lot of their friends are concerned the marriage is in trouble. If it is, George might very well find himself divorced by his next birthday,” the insider reveals. Wait, so Amal didn’t walk out on the Up in the Air actor as the tabloid claimed? It seems like the publication is merely suggesting things will go south if Amal Clooney doesn’t have another child with George. Still, the outlet asserts, with the Michael Clayton actor’s birthday approaching, there hasn’t been any talk of a party. The tipster contends  that everyone thought there would be a “big celebration” with A-list celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Rande Gerber, and Oprah Winfrey in attendance.

“When you have people like that on your guest list, you usually need to give them six months’ notice so they can fit such a trip into their schedules, but so far there has been nothing of the sort from the Clooneys. Their silence is deafening and definitely feeds suspicions that all is not right now,” the insider adds. The story concludes with the unnamed informant claiming that despite all the gushing George has done about his wife, Amal may not put up with him “much longer.”

Once Again, George And Amal Clooney Are Just Fine

We don’t know about the tabloid's readers, but Gossip Cop would rather trust the words of George Clooney over the hypothesis that Amal might leave her husband if they don’t have another child or that there's somehow trouble brewing in their home. The actor recently spoke with ET where he expressed his excitement for his future and praised his family, particularly his wife, saying,

She is gorgeous and funny and all of the things... She is the smartest person in every room she walks in. I am always very proud to be standing next to her.

The Tabloids Remain Clueless About George & Amal

As for the notion Amal Clooney wants more children, the human rights lawyer clarified that she and George were content with their twins. Additionally, New Idea isn’t the most trustworthy source when it comes to the Clooney family. Last year, the outlet ran a similar narrative, alleging that Amal dumped George Clooney on their fifth wedding anniversary.

Recently, the same publication asserted that George leaned on Jennifer Aniston for support amid his split from Amal. In short, the tabloid doesn’t have a clue about the couple’s relationship and shouldn’t be trusted.

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gossip: George Clooney 'Dumped' By Wife Amal? Empty Re: gossip: George Clooney 'Dumped' By Wife Amal?

Post by LizzyNY Thu 10 Dec 2020, 16:06

Re: A huge star-studded birthday party. Have these idiots forgotten there's a pandemic?
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