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Clooney in trouble over wife comment

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Clooney in trouble over wife comment Empty Clooney in trouble over wife comment

Post by Nicky80 Sun 17 May 2015, 21:49

Clooney in trouble over wife comment

Last week George Clooney last week told the world that his new wife Amal, can't cook.

But the ever charming George explained that it's a joke between the couple because his wife is "epic" at other things.
But the comment, though didn't go unnoticed by someone quite important.

"Her mother got after me a little bit about that, it was funny. We laugh about that because she makes reservations."
George put his foot in it at the European premiere of his new movie Tomorrowland: A World Beyond.

He plays Frank Walker, an inventor kicked out of Tomorrowland.
The Hollywood star was also asked if he could invent anything what would it be and he replied "time".
"It's a really stock answer, but I quite like the idea. Backwards though."
And George said the film did make him think about his age.
"I had no grand injuries, but everyday I woke up, I remembered I was 53, and now 54.
"And I was reminded of it. I used to win all the fights in the movies and now I just get the hell beaten out of me.
"So things are changing."

The film also stars Hugh Laurie as David Nix. His character is described as "a man who values technical accomplishment over creative thinking."
But with the possibility of injuries on set, did either slip into previous medical roles (Clooney starred in E.R and Laurie starred in House) to help out?

"I would be worse than useless," Hugh told Newsbeat, "George, I think, might actually be rather good. He remembers a huge amount of what he did, although he stopped doing it 15 years before I did.
"He can remember whole chunks of it. All the vocab, all of it. Quotes reams of the stuff, which I can't remember at all."
Hugh entertained the cast with a keyboard he brought on set with him, which he called "my friend".
"It's how I pass the time, I love it."
He also revealed he is taking his time with new music after releasing two albums quite close together.
"Music moves much more slowly than lots of stuff. People allow years and years to go by.
"I did two quite close together, so maybe I'm more just being hands off."
Hugh also encouraged us to spread the word that he would love to do a soundtrack for a movie, just in case anyone's listening.
Tomorrowland hits cinemas from Friday.

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