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Tilda Swinton Interview - George Clooney mentioned

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Tilda Swinton Interview -  George Clooney mentioned Empty Tilda Swinton Interview - George Clooney mentioned

Post by Nicky80 Mon 30 Jun 2014, 17:25

Tilda Swinton Confirms That She's Actually David Bowie in Reddit AMA

To us, there is no better way for a celebrity to promote a project than hopping on Reddit to answer a few prying questions from the general public—especially when the notables in question have a penchant for witty and super funny answers (see:Betty White, George Clooney, Lorde). So we were very pleased to see Tilda Swintonjoin the hilarious ranks when she took to the site to help publicize her newest film, Snowpiercer. And we were anything but disappointed by the results.

Here, the Academy Award winner/ human art exhibit's best exchanges, thanks in part to some very clever questions from the "Redditeers" (as Swinton dubbed them). See what she has to say about comedy, her offbeat style, questionable pictures of George Clooney, and her secret identity:

The question: Have you ever considered changing your name (or at least how it appears in print) to the tilde symbol "~" a la Prince?
Tilda Swinton: Frankly no, but since you mention it.. ~ xo

The question: Hi! Director Bong Joon-Ho had an AMA here a few days ago and told us that you had a lot of ideas for your character in Snowpiercer, and some of them were allegedly too wild that he "had to bring it back a little bit" (in his own words). Can you tell us some of those ideas that weren't used?
Tilda Swinton: Hahahahahahahaha I'm going to have to think about that one... let me see..
I do remember wanting my wig - which wasn't fixed down - to shift about a bit.. and even come off in the fight scene.. still.. my teeth made it..

The question: Hi Tilda. Love your work. How many times have you walked in on George Clooney wearing the Batsuit?
Tilda Swinton: I'm holding onto a large stash of Polaroids..

The question: Tilda, I have a theory that you're a clone of David Bowie created right around the "Modern Love" era so that he could continue being a musician as well as star in more movies. So far I've discovered no evidence to the contrary. Do you have any opinion on that?
Tilda Swinton: The laboratory gave me strict instructions to issue no comment

The question: Hi Tilda, I wanted to know if you are into the comedy scene? Do you go to any shows? Do you have any favorite comedians current or past? PS: I can’t wait to see Trainwreck!
Comedy = lifeblood

The question: Hello Tilda! How much of what you wear is chosen by you, and how much is the work of stylists?
Tilda Swinton: My friend Jerry Stafford—who is a brilliant creative director in Paris—and I work together on basic directions when looking at public and editorial appearances, but I am lucky to be able to work directly with designers and nobody but me lays out my stuff or decides what I will actually wear..

The question: Hi Tilda, throughout your career you've played quite a few very strong female roles. And this power bleeds through into stationary photoshoots. What advice would you give to young women of today to make them feel more empowered?
Tilda Swinton: Make sure you know that you know best for yourself.. and that being happy and at ease is not too much to ask..

The question: What is your favorite sandwich?
Tilda Swinton: Today, I have to say Avocado and goat's cheese..
Of course, dinner awaited so she eventually had to excuse herself, but not before she told us what she was having:

"I need to pick a salad in the garden and a big vegetable stew for some of us.. the children are having an Indian carry-out as a treat for the start of their summer holidays.. "

Tilda Swinton: Raunchy comedy lover, Clooney prankster, and farm-to-tabler. Who knew?

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