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Look at my Nappy Snaps, Mummy!

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Look at my Nappy Snaps, Mummy!

Post by lolo"layla" on Fri Jan 13 2012, 11:28

Screaming, crying and waiting for hours to have her photo taken with celebrities, Tyler Sercombe is a typical starstruck fan.

Except for one thing — she is just a year old.

Her mother, Donna, has taken her to about 60 film premieres, and Tyler has already met 130 A-listers. Judging by these pictures, they were smitten by the adorable infant.

Tyler proved equally enamoured, most of the time. Donna, 31, of South-West London, said: ‘John Terry is the only star where Tyler started crying when he held her.’

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Re: Look at my Nappy Snaps, Mummy!

Post by watching on Fri Jan 13 2012, 11:36

I don't wish to be judgemental but who takes their 1 year old to a film premiere when they are just a fan and are going to be outside behind a barricade - let alone 60 of them? How is that safe for the kid? If the crowd surges, the weather turns, the noise level of poeople screaming, etc then would it not be a danger to the kid's safety and welfare? And considering the some of the temperatures in London, is it smarter to have the kid out like that in the cold for something that is just a whim and not essential or even part of the normal day to day rountine? The kid seems to be more an accessory to get the attention of the celebs than anything else.
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Re: Look at my Nappy Snaps, Mummy!

Post by it's me on Fri Jan 13 2012, 13:53

and true

I was thinking about food
and also diapers!

(anyway, despite the .... Rolling Eyes mum this little girl is really beautiful Very Happy)
it's me
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Re: Look at my Nappy Snaps, Mummy!

Post by Henway on Fri Jan 13 2012, 14:27

So he has been kissing baby's this year! hahahahhahahhhhahaah


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Re: Look at my Nappy Snaps, Mummy!

Post by Sponsored content

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