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George Clooney’s Back Pain NOT Resulting In Marriage Problems With Amal

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George Clooney’s Back Pain NOT Resulting In Marriage Problems With Amal Empty George Clooney’s Back Pain NOT Resulting In Marriage Problems With Amal

Post by Admin Thu 16 Jan 2020, 11:48

And another denial of an idiot tabloid story:

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George Clooney’s Back Pain Resulting In Marriage Problems With Amal?
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By Andrew Shuster | 8:22 pm, January 1, 2020

George Clooney has been living with chronic back pain as a result of an on-set injury he sustained several years ago. One of this week’s tabloids is both exaggerating the actor’s condition and using it to create fake marriage problems with his wife, Amal Clooney. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

George suffered a serious spinal injury on the set of the 2005 drama Syriana following a stunt gone wrong. The actor has opened up in interviews about the lingering effects of the injury, which includes ongoing migraines. The actor’s pain has diminished over time, but according to the Globe, he’s in bad shape again following his July 2018 scooter accident in Italy.

“The impact aggravated the old injury and his suffering has intensified,” a supposed source tells the magazine. “Some days he can’t even get up from a chair without hollering. The fear that he may be confined to a wheelchair during his golden years has grown to nightmarish proportions.”

The alleged insider adds, “The torment and emotional despair have sent him into a downward spiral that has put a terrible strain on his marriage to Amal, and some of his friends worry it may not survive.” The suspicious tipster continues, “Their relationship has been through the ringer in recent years and friends say George has stashed the bulk of his $500 million fortune in secret bank accounts so Amal won’t get it in the event of a divorce.”

From there, the questionable source throws in more reasons why the Clooneys are supposedly drifting apart, but these reasons are contradictory. “She’s grown weary of his silly sense of humor, which she finds immature, and scolds him for partying too much with Rande Gerber and his cronies.” Hold up. Wasn’t the magazine’s entire article about how much “torment” and “despair” the actor is going through? All of a sudden Amal is annoyed because he’s too “silly” and parties too much? It’s actually incredible that the tabloid didn’t notice the inconsistencies in its own story.

Still, the unknown insider concludes, “They’ve been living separate lives as of late. Now his back pain and headaches are threatening to leave him a cripple and topple their marriage for good.”

The tabloid’s report is both over the top and completely untrue. For starters, George only suffered minor injuries during his scooter accident in July 2018. Just days after the incident, the actor’s spokesperson said in a statement that he was “recovering at home and will be fine.” The actor underwent an MRI following the crash, but it showed no issues and he was quickly released from the hospital. George’s scooter crash didn’t aggravate his old back injury.

Meanwhile, George is currently shooting the Netflix movie Good Morning, Midnight in the UK. The actor is both directing and co-starring in the film. Last month, George’s rep told us that both he and Amal have been “together in London” since filming began in mid-October, and everyone on set is “having a blast.” Not only is George undertaking a major project right now, but his wife has been supporting him the whole time. The actor isn’t in debilitating pain, nor are there any issues in his marriage.

Of course, the Globe isn’t trustworthy when it comes to reporting about the couple. In October 2018, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for falsely claiming George was divorcing Amal while she was pregnant with their third baby. The spouses didn’t split and they only have two children. This latest article is more fiction.

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