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She Lost Out on Pretty Woman Role

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She Lost Out on Pretty Woman Role Empty She Lost Out on Pretty Woman Role

Post by LornaDoone Sun 10 Aug 2014, 01:13

I'm posting this cause I just had an OMG moment when I read it.  I never knew any of this.

Then my second thought was - SHE was supposed play the hooker in Pretty Woman?  Julia Robert's career was made with that character and that film.  I can only wonder how this gal would have played it.  I just don't see it mainly because Julia is so iconic now in that role and I think this gal would have tried to play it much more subdued. 

Anyway, like I said, an OMG moment that I decided to share here.

Blind Items Revealed
May 28,2014

This actress used to be A list. It was a brief run at the top of the list, but her time there imprinted her on the world and she still continues to enjoy A+ list name recognition even though her first movie was about 30 years ago.

It is hard to believe it has been that long since she made her entrance. It was that same time period that also saw one of her first co-stars get his start in movies. He is A+ list now.

Our actress always had a thing for guys who were bad boys. She was known as someone who wouldn't mind if you wanted to rough her up a little bit and she was supposedly very willing to do whatever any guy wanted. Some say she was abused as a teen which led to this type of relationship.

Sometimes the guys got completely out of hand and she suffered her fair share of beatings. One of those beatings kept her unemployed for three months and she lost a major role because of it. Her career never recovered after that miss.

To say she has dated some of the more famous figures of all-time would be fair to say. One of those people was enamored with her and spent millions of dollars on her. Well, the movie version of her. Our actress did her best acting when she was with this guy. He flew her all over the world and she still has millions of dollars of jewels he gave her and is living off the money she received during and after the relationship even though it ended almost 20 years ago.

The reason he left her was because he found someone even more famous than our actress.

She really couldn't believe she was being dumped, at least for someone who was roughly her same age. She would show up at the guy's apartment and his homes around the world and one time was thrown in jail because the guards of his new A+ list celebrity girlfriend viewed her as a threat. She finally backed off after that visit and a nice healthy check from her boyfriend's dad. That is how he usually handled the affairs of his son.


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She Lost Out on Pretty Woman Role Empty Re: She Lost Out on Pretty Woman Role

Post by Way2Old4Dis Sun 10 Aug 2014, 01:34


Fixed it for you Way - theminis

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