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Badass movie scenes with horrifying unseen consequences - Ocean's 11

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Badass movie scenes with horrifying unseen consequences - Ocean's 11

Post by Katiedot on Thu 07 Apr 2011, 12:17

So true!

From my fave website: cracked

We don't often pause to think about the faceless civilians who get killed in movies. Star Wars would be pretty damn depressing if we spent the runtime trying to wrap our heads around the idea that billions of people were killed when Alderaan exploded, instead of watching all the pretty colors in the lightsaber battles. But there are some movies that go so far out of their way to ignore these deaths that we can't help but wonder about the mental stability of the writers.

#6.Ocean's Eleven

What You See

In order to rob a casino, Danny Ocean and his many superfluous accomplices need to bring down its security system. They accomplish this by stealing and using a "pinch," which according to Don Cheadle is a device that "unleashes an electromagnetic pulse which shuts down any power source within its blast radius." It works, they get inside the vault, and everything goes according to their needlessly convoluted plan.

But Wait a Minute ...

The electromagnetic pulse didn't just knock out power in the casino; when they set it off, there's a quick shot of the entire city of Las Vegas going dark. The movie then cuts to the inside of the casino they're robbing, where we see people trying to steal chips at the black jack table, and other fun varieties of chaos they intended. So how did the rest of the city do?

Well, keep in mind that according to our merry band of thieves, the electromagnetic pulse doesn't just turn the lights off -- it shuts down every power source within it's blast radius. When the plan is devised, we're told the city will temporarily be plunged into the 17th Century, which is great if you're stealing money, and bad news if you're, say, on life support in a hospital.

Hospitals have back up systems that come on during a power outage, but so do casinos. The pinch is being used because it takes those out. Hell, if we're talking every power source, everyone with a pacemaker is dead on the spot. But at least they weren't one of the poor bastards in helicopters and passenger planes, now making an increasingly less-than gradual descent into Las Vegas.

According to Ocean's Eleven, the biggest danger is chorus lines veering off course, kicking thousands of audience members to death.

Ocean's Eleven isn't the only movie to gloss over the casualties of a power outage. Live Free or Die Hard features the entire East Coast losing power, but the consequences are magically eliminated when the bad guy gets shot. The remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still also tries to end on a happy note, despite the fact that the entire world gets hit with an electromagnetic pulse. But it's especially noticeable in Ocean's Eleven because the charming heroes are the ones responsible. It's hard to root for the thieves once you realize they won't let innocent lives stand between them and their loot. The sequel to Ocean's Eleven shouldn't have been about the casino owner getting revenge; it should have told the story of the FBI hunting down the people responsible for one of the worst terror attacks in American history.

Which would have been way better than what we actually got.

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Re: Badass movie scenes with horrifying unseen consequences - Ocean's 11

Post by melbert on Thu 07 Apr 2011, 17:11

Way to ruin a good film!! Hells bells, if we dissect every film, none of them would be worth seeing. OK, I know someone has to do it, but still...
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