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George's interview Tele5 (Germany)

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George's interview Tele5 (Germany)

Post by laetval on Wed Mar 23, 2011 1:07 pm

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TELE 5: How do you deal with aging?
George Clooney: Well, I'm getting old and the whole world to see me there. But it does not bother me, otherwise I would probably start to dye my hair or make similar nonsense.
Today we see everywhere silicone breasts and botox faces. How to find the women?
It depends on the woman. As you can want to look younger, although it's only 25? When very young women who are almost children, can rumoperieren itself, it's really a shame. But otherwise I'm very lenient with people who are older and try something to do about it. I hope that people will judge me as mild.
Where are you today?
Well, I'm 49th My time as a young lovers from running. I try to play more character Ollen. I was fortunate that many of my films were not great successes. Thus I was never set to a specific type. And it is very important to me that I play in movies that have a fairly modest budget. The expectations holds, in and I can do what I want.
Let's talk a little about your relationship with women.
Oh, now I'm confused. That reminds me of not even one a bad joke, now have You caught me. Well, I like young women and I like older women. My relationship to women is actually remained the same.
They are always so cool and cheerful. Keep this countenance and your female fans over? How do you react when all storms you?
I try to stab with a pencil. When the first of them is bleeding, puts the rest to be longer (laughs). No, it has to do with how I grew up. My father was a kind of provincial celebrity and I was often stared at as a child, I did not realize a little what it is about the celebrity. That stars often look smaller and more if you see them in real life. I understand that you are fascinated by stars. Therefore, I am also very patient with my fans, but they were always very kind to me, so is not particularly difficult.
How the work differs in the film in Europe and Hollywood?
In Europe, they are simply more civilized, for lunch all sit together nicely as a table.Overall, it goes to the film set in Europe a little more polite.
Are you a sociable colleague?
I see it as part of my job to see to it that all feel comfortable. According to a particularly dramatic scenes I like to sit on a Pupskissen, so we have to laugh again what. The people with whom I work are wieeine family to me.
Have you ever thought of giving up the wild life and come to rest?
Have you not noticed? I have become a solid, a mature man!
Do you live permanently in Italy now?
No, I have a beautiful house in Los Angeles and I love Kentucky, because I'm grown up. But three months a year I fly in some of the world, the feasts so much better than us. Why do we get in the way LA does not know why it tastes as good as ever here in Italy?
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Re: George's interview Tele5 (Germany)

Post by fluffy on Wed Mar 23, 2011 2:01 pm

Thanks Laetval, I've seen this before in a film magazine where Gee says by stabbing the first fan (whilst in autograph mode) and drawing blood, hopefully makes the other fans think twice about getting closer!! Wouldn't stop me chuck!

Ladies, what's a Pupskissen?
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Re: George's interview Tele5 (Germany)

Post by Atalante on Wed Mar 23, 2011 7:00 pm

Can't you guess ? Basketball
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Re: George's interview Tele5 (Germany)

Post by ladydi on Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:23 pm

fluffy wrote:

Ladies, what's a Pupskissen?

One of the gals at CNCU found it. It's German for whoopie cushion. Does that mean it's pronounced "poop cushion?" What a Face


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Re: George's interview Tele5 (Germany)

Post by watching on Thu Mar 24, 2011 6:08 am

What George's real quote should have been:

Well, I like young women (to fuck and have them publicly adore me and my wallet) and I like older women (to work with to ensure that I don't look so old onscreen that my career as an actor starts slowing down and I am replaced by the new young hot bloke in Hollywood). My relationship to women is actually remained the same.
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Re: George's interview Tele5 (Germany)

Post by fluffy on Thu Mar 24, 2011 8:51 am

Watching that's a little harsh don't you think??! Gee is supposed to be the quiet gentle type and not money driven, unless I'm blinded by him!!! If you had young men baying at you door, would you say no??!!

I can quite understand the whoopie cushion - so Gee!!
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Re: George's interview Tele5 (Germany)

Post by Sponsored content

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