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Behind the scenes Monuments Men

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Behind the scenes Monuments Men

Post by Nicky80 on Wed 09 Apr 2014, 21:19

Found on les frenchies

google translation

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Behind the scenes Monuments Men

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( Femina.fr ) Xavier Lawrence is an actor we hear more and more talk . George Clooney has also chosen to play in his latest film, Monuments Men. Exclusively for Femina.fr , Xavier agreed to tell us behind the scenes . Foray with George Clooney , Matt Damon and Jean Dujardin . By Xavier Laurent

How I met Jean Dujardin

Pick up this morning at dawn .

The driver is very friendly and we talk about everything and nothing. The long road to get to the base camp of the film, located approximately one hour from London , on Oxford Road, Fingest .

I get to sleep in the van and we finally arrive at the base. My first impression is that parallel with the war. George Clooney made ​​a film happens during the Second World War and I can not help but make the strange bond that develops between the fiction and reality of shooting.

Here, the camp is a series of cars , vehicles , machinery and all kinds of people who are busy , like a military camp. The weather was particularly wet and mud is everywhere. Everyone lined boots my first awkward circumstances and not murder my boots Parisian Sunday best .

The assistant director , responsible for liaison with the board, present me a lovely assistant , Charlie, who will take care of me.

I stay in my dressing room where I dressed and rests me until Charlie called me because I asked for my hair cut . I go out and I see someone a little farther whose face is familiar. I will resume twice, but I recognize Jean Dujardin who apparently is dégourdit legs. I do not know what to tell him, but he was immediately very friendly .

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Alexandre Desplats , composer and musician, must also make an appearance today as an actor ( he also wrote the music for the film). I obviously knew his music and I was pleasantly surprised to see him play his scene with Matt Damon, because he was very fair and very relaxed. I was even more surprised the next day when friends were sending me pictures of paparazzi circulating on the Internet , on which Clooney, Alexander Desplats , Matt Damon and I apparaissions turns .
This made me suddenly aware of the implications of their fame .

But back to the conversation with Dujardin ...

I wish to drag him that I found his character in the movie especially touching . No flattery on my part, that was my first thought upon reading the script .

I want to add how much he has contributed to the fact that the actors are exported French better than perhaps all entries I've had this year in American films are partly thanks to him . But my modesty restrains me .

I also want to ask him where he is with the French film that will carry Cédric Jimenez, in which he will embody Judge Michel , alongside his friend Gilles Lellouche will Franck Zampa .
This is a project I am particularly interested because it takes place between Marseille and New York , talks about the French Connection. This reminds me of my Provençal roots , and all the stories already heard since childhood about the Belgian Francis , the Guerin, Zampa , etc. .

I told him in the wings we'll meet again on the set of the film. He looked surprised , he asked me: "Are you on? " . "Not yet , but I will do everything ."

The joke makes him smile . I wish him good luck for the end of the shoot .
I rejoice in my heart hazards of life.

Face-to -face with Matt Damon

Today, I have to play a small stage face-to -face with Matt Damon. I am well prepared , I feel particularly well in my sneakers and waiting for this moment for a long time . Play with someone , it is also returning to his privacy, regardless of the stage. Is to be in connection with it and how pretty animal , collect his soul , knowing his true personality . I think I'm especially lucky to share this moment with one of the actors that I admire most . We had a few conversations before and I appreciate his way of thinking , his simplicity and generosity.

The scene is supposed to take place at night in a small desert port of Normandy, but we are actually in Rye, East Sussex, on the south-east of England then.

Charlie 's assistant and a driver carry me to the base plate because everything is ready to shoot the scene . We arrive and I can not suppress a breath of amazement when I discovered a crowd of about 300 onlookers gathered behind security barriers that hold people with difficulty security.
The arrival of Clooney and Damon Rye has not gone unnoticed and I realized once again the extent of their impact on the general public.

We can imagine that we are in France and we are alone ...

I take all these little magical moments one by one, the explanations given me George for the stage and his coolness , humor Matt , rehearsals , the flash of the photographer plateau scrap me , glances team and onlookers who suddenly become a real public. I feel my energy to feed all these details before surrounding silence does happen. I'm ready. The engine is requested. The action is initiated. I go into a parallel world. I am strong. We are in 1945 , a month after landing. Hitler was losing the war. The clock is ticking ...

Everything goes well and George is now ready to make my closeup. It is at this moment that must give everything . Because even if there is not necessarily any particular emotion , the camera will detect the slightest thought. This is a particular time in its intensity and tasty at the same time .

I'm pretty surprised when George told me he does not want another take, and that is enough , it has everything you need. In the jargon , this is called a " take one " or " one shot ". So I take it as a compliment. Damon said, " Wow, take one ." And I see him take the text and put aside to concentrate. I understand that he also wants his big plan taking ... what it does matter!

I loved this little stolen moment of competition good child , especially that made me understand that Matt Damon was not there by accident. For each time for each outlet, to detail , it is definitely there , focused, prepared and available.

It is for me one of the greatest actors of his generation.
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Re: Behind the scenes Monuments Men

Post by LizzyNY on Wed 09 Apr 2014, 22:33

Thanks Nicky - What great find! I'd love to meet this guy and pick his brains about the rest of his experience. He seems so grateful for his chance to be there, and so eager to do well. I love how shy he is around DuJardin and Matt, too. I hope this leads to more work for him. Smile 
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Re: Behind the scenes Monuments Men

Post by Mazy on Thu 10 Apr 2014, 08:40

Thanks Nicky so much for this post very interesting.
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Re: Behind the scenes Monuments Men

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