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Guy Ritchie Planning ‘Cannonball Run’ Remake with George Clooney?

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Guy Ritchie Planning ‘Cannonball Run’ Remake with George Clooney?

Post by laetval on Fri 11 Feb 2011, 20:19

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It’s not always the best idea to judge a project when it’s only just been rumored. Sure, plenty of times something that sounds silly in concept turns out bad, but there were plenty of people this time a year ago saying “why would they make a movie about Facebook?,” and we all saw how that ended up. So, I’ll try and present the news to you that, as the headline says, Guy Ritchie is planning a remake of the 80′s film The Cannonball Run, with George Clooney in mind to star, and do so without any negativity

BadassDigest learned that the British filmmaker, currently shooting Sherlock Holmes 2, the sequel to this 2009 revival of the character, is making this his next movie. The story says that right now it’s only a rumor, but it may very well end up being true. On Twitter, El Mayimbe of Latino Review – a guy who’s pretty well known for picking up scoops – tweeted two separate times that this is actually happening, which feels like a pretty good way to cement this as true.

So, why would he be doing this? Cannonball Run isn’t exactly a good film; in fact, it’s sort of a terrible one, and while I don’t want him to do any more Sherlock Holmes movies, those feel like another Lock, Stock compared to this idea. I though those strangled his creative sensibilities, and a remake of a bad movie won’t “set him free” on a creative level or anything. Clooney‘s already done the star-studded cast thing with the Ocean’s trilogy, and while enjoyable, that whole concept was worn out by the time the third movie in that series came around. Yeah, I’ll try and not be negative, but…come on. Guy Ritchie directing Cannonball Run remake. I don’t like the sound of it.

What do you think of Guy Ritchie directing a Cannonball Run remake, and with George Clooney in the lead?
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Re: Guy Ritchie Planning ‘Cannonball Run’ Remake with George Clooney?

Post by PigLove on Fri 11 Feb 2011, 20:53

GTC knows better than to recreate a role played by Burt Reynolds.

Please God let's hope so, anyway.
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