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Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Active as Environmental Activists

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Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Active as Environmental Activists

Post by Katiedot on Fri 06 Apr 2012, 10:15

Not sure exactly why they're referring to George as 'she' in this article, but hey.


6 Apr/12

Hollywood Celebrities Who Were Active as Environmental Activist

Environmental activists have never had mass support that many environmental activists, but is now starting to glance. Even some celebrities have a role in various world social activities with the theme of issues surrounding environment. One of which Leonardo DiCaprio, who loves the Earth. Since 1998, he founded the Foundation for Leonardo DiCaprio, with a space advocacy in scope of environmental issues. Here are some celebrities are quite active in environmental activist.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio just loves the Earth. Back in 1998, he founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation advocacy, environmental issues. His website is widespread where he talks about the Earth as well. Its activities are also widespread, because he occupies a position in the natural resources Defense Council, Global Green USA and the International Fund for animal welfare. Finally, he uses his exceptional artistic skills to generate documentary 11th hour about the environment. The best of all – he's not just a preacher: he also drives a Toyota Prius.

George Clooney
George Clooney was placed between the celebrity-Activists for several reasons. First, he is practicing what it preaches the benefits of driving electric cars, and one of its activities is set up, a campaign that OilChange aims to raise awareness about America's dependence on foreign oil. She has also made a documentary film about Darfur and all the horrible things that happened there, which are related to environmental issues

Robert Redford
Robert Redford deserves special praise was given for his efforts to environmentalism. This famous actor who has spent over 30 years in the Natural Resources Defense Council, contributing to the Mayor of some U.S. make climate change a priority issue in their agenda. Nevertheless, he has campaigned to protect the wilderness of Utah. She doesn't speak too much about his activities, but what he has done to be appreciated.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Most popular celebrity couples and most influential people in the world use their social power wisely to achieve a goal is important. They put every effort humanly wherever they could, supports many charities, including the work of Brad with Global Green USA to develop eco-friendly homes and also helping to rebuild New Orleans. Also, they established the Foundation for the Jolie/Pitt are donating their money where it is needed.

No need to explain how much has this U2 leader do to the world and the environment, so I will list a few: he has campaigned widely for common issues in Africa, including the environment, has established several organizations that fight against malaria and HIV/AIDS, some organisations that fight poverty, have contributed a lot, he has been promoting good business practices of the factories in Africa, South America and India

Pearl Jam
As the Band's guitarist Stone Gossard explained: "we're looking at our supply chains, where the CD we produced, with different types of chemicals, and how far they have to fly ... He do something to counteract the ill effects of the production of our goods contrary to the good things "people really care about the planet." They have also partnered with many organizations that help them to contribute to offset carbon emissions.

Ed Begley Jr.
Ed Begley Jr. teaches a lot about environmental issues. He even made a reality show that explains to a broad audience about the positive aspects of the ' go green '. He is showing to the world how he utilizes the waste into useful materials and relies exclusively on the energy of heat and Sun to run his home. He certainly hit the target and deserve praise!

Hayden Panettiere
Hayden Panettiere at the age of just 22 years old, but mature enough to understand how serious environmental issues, and bold enough to take action about it. This young star is influenced also by the status of celebrity endorsements would and try to stop whaling in Japan, which can be seen in the documentary The Cove (2008).

Edward Norton
The actor who is best known as a proponent of the use of solar energy, and he also uses it, has established the solar Program's neighbors, who donated the BP solar panels for one family in need has always been when these celebrities buy one for himself. The goal of this program is to make celebrities to buy solar panels more, because in today's society they are among the best supporters of the ideas of any kind.

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Re: Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Active as Environmental Activists

Post by melbert on Sat 07 Apr 2012, 15:44

Again, lending their voices help promote a "green" environment. As long as they walk the walk along with talking the talk, it will be beneficial.
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