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George Clooney at the American Film Awards, LA

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Re: George Clooney at the American Film Awards, LA

Post by suebee on Sat 12 Jan 2013, 16:39

He looks like the Respectable man he should be "accepted" as in Hollywood or business and charitable ventures and for those who had the priviledge of having the President of the United States at their home and brilliant other men the likes of Daniel Day Lewis, Steven Spielberg, Ben Affleck in their works not a punchline because of arm candy.

I like this new look, hair and all on him, it suits him and someone to be admired and respected for all his years of hard work and creative artistic work.

May the New Year bring him some Peace of mind and clarity of direction on where he wants to be in the eyes of society for many have made GREAT sacrifices for others but never had the chance to fulfill their dreams...thats life though....

as it is written much is expected to those who have been given much, or something like that no bible close by to do verbatium.

there are so many who need someone like him to be their voice.....it comes with great criticism though but change always does if we truly want to "change the world" we must be willing to be the change ourselves first....or so those who have done their share in helping make a difference in the world.

I have not been successful by societies standards which is my blessing as I don't usually fit within that mould, but I still have Hope again..and for that today I am Blessed!

Congrats Mr. Clooney and your other brilliant partners on this project!

Shooting hoops with George Clooney

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Re: George Clooney at the American Film Awards, LA

Post by melbert on Sat 12 Jan 2013, 17:01

Thank you everyone for all the pics. I think George looks wonderful!!!
George Clooney fan forever!

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Re: George Clooney at the American Film Awards, LA

Post by amaretti on Sat 12 Jan 2013, 17:18

I do too. I like his late periode better than his early look. He is more handsome every day .

Training to be Mrs Clooney?

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Re: George Clooney at the American Film Awards, LA

Post by Sponsored content

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