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George Clooney ‘Taking A Break’ From Amal, Leaning On Friend Rande Gerber For Support?

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George Clooney ‘Taking A Break’ From Amal, Leaning On Friend Rande Gerber For Support? Empty George Clooney ‘Taking A Break’ From Amal, Leaning On Friend Rande Gerber For Support?

Post by Admin Thu 25 Mar 2021, 09:57

Here we go again with the separation rumours:

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George Clooney ‘Taking A Break’ From Amal, Leaning On Friend Rande Gerber For Support?

Michelle Tierney

9:00 pm, March 21, 2021

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(Denis Makarenko/

Almost exactly one year ago, headlines screamed that George Clooney and wife Amal Clooney hadn’t been seen in public together for at least five months, insinuating that they were definitely splitting.

According to tabloids, the duo was leading separate lives, causing Clooney to pack his bags amidst marriage woes.
Gossip Cop explored the shocking claims and offers what really happened between the brown-eyed beauties.

George Clooney Was Packing His Bags

Of course, George and Amal must be breaking up since they hadn’t been spotted by paparazzi in five whole months.

At least, that’s what Woman’s Day wants us to believe. Last March, the tabloid declared that “the A-list actor was spotted carrying a backpack full of his belongings in Los Angeles, prompting many insiders to suspect he’d moved out of the couple’s Studio City mansion, if only for the time being.”

The tabloid boasts that rumors of a split between the Monuments Men star and the human rights lawyer had been circling for months.

The Clooneys’ Separate Lives Are to Blame

Insiders further blamed the divorce on the Clooneys increasingly separate lives as well as Amal’s wish to have another child, which George apparently denied.

Now, five months is a fair amount of time to not be seen with your spouse, but not if your career relies on shooting films, oftentimes in other countries, for months at a time. It seems like the tabloids severely stretched the truth with this story.

Leaning on Longtime Friend Rande Gerber

To this tabloid, the bags not only indicated the breakup, but they also meant he was shacking up with longtime best friend and business partner Rande Gerber in the meantime.

After being seen dining at their favorite restaurant in West Hollywood, a source said that “Rande has provided a very attentive ear for decades during their guys’ nights at Craig’s, and on this evening in particular they were talking very seriously and intensely.”

Another source disclosed, “George has kept Rande up to date on how things haven’t been good with Amal for a while now,” and “he’s made it clear that if George needs somewhere to stay, even for a few days if discussions over their marriage become too intense, he is more than welcome to stay in Malibu with him and Cindy Crawford for as little or as long as he wants.”

Though this is a perfectly plausible and kind gesture, they also could have been discussing business on any of these supposedly spotted instances.

Gossip Cop’s Take On The Matter

Unsurprisingly, many tabloids revel in the Clooneys’ love life, speculating about their split almost monthly.
For example, last March, Gossip Cop debunked a story insisting that the couple was having a third baby to save their marriage.

In fact, in 2017, the human rights lawyer told the Hollywood Reporter that she was done having kids, saying she already had her first set of children late in life.

Another faulty divorce report claimed that George and Amal Clooney had already split and that he was panicked that she might take $500 million from him.

The source said that he’d have to go back to work or he’d be in serious financial trouble. It’s incredible that no one else knew that he was at risk of being penniless.

Finally, a blatantly bold piece of engineered drama said that the couple was absolutely headed for a messy divorce amid constant fights over kids, money and fame.

It further argued that they were never a great match to begin with, but a much more reputable source at People confirmed that they were happier than ever.

As Gossip Cop mentioned last year, these fictitious tabloids are so desperate for the Clooneys to flounder, they’ll devise the most far-fetched news to nullify their marriage.

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