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This part was made for G Spoiler Alert

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This part was made for G Spoiler Alert Empty This part was made for G Spoiler Alert

Post by What Would He Say Thu 03 Dec 2020, 09:48

The Undoing *****spoiler alert ****

I, along with millions, have just finished it...

It left me breathless, disappointed (obvs) and feeling exactly the way they had manipulated me to feel ... and wondering WHY did they NOT think of Mr Clooney for this role ....

In the last few years, around Tomorrowland time, I’ve had a Gandhi relationship with my celeb crush ... I love the Sinner not feeling the sin so much... G has gone down a street that ain’t my taste ... but I’m just one....

Then I see something like “The Undoing” ... and Hugh Grant make a good job of the role ... but I know in my heart G would have made a magnificent job of the role ... after all he came oven ready, we all remember him as a paediatrician....The American ¬†and would have given a background vibe too ...

I loved it, we all knew he did it ... but our hearts went with him... they managed to make us feel exactly like the wife .... disappointed and deceived, having being captured by charm and charisma....

G, please have a rethink ...
What Would He Say
What Would He Say
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