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Man Consults Plastic Surgeon to Get George Clooney's Earlobes

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Man Consults Plastic Surgeon to Get George Clooney's Earlobes Empty Man Consults Plastic Surgeon to Get George Clooney's Earlobes

Post by Admin Wed 21 Oct 2020, 20:27

This just in, from the world of weird:

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Man Consults Dr. 90210 Plastic Surgeon to Get George Clooney's Earlobes

The 28-year-old has stretched earlobes from past earring gauges, a style choice he says he's "regretting" now
By Benjamin VanHoose 
October 21, 2020 02:31 PM

This patient is consulting doctors to recreate George Clooney's handsome ear lobes.

In a new clip from E! Network's Dr. 90210 shared exclusively with PEOPLE, 28-year-old Elliott Gunther books an appointment with Dr. Michelle Lee, a board-certified plastic surgeon who created PERK in Beverly Hills, California.

Gunther arrives with stretched-out ear lobes that dangle on the side of his face, the result of formerly wearing large, bracelet-size earring gauges.

"I see a lot of patients who stretch out their ear lobes, but on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of ear lobe issues, Elliott is like an 11," Lee says in the sneak peek.
"I thought they were cool," says Gunther, before admitting, "I'm regretting it now though. It was fun at the time."

The man explained that people stare when they see his ears. "It's the first thing they notice, every single time," he says. "... It's like, I know you're gonna look at them, so just go ahead and get it over with." Gunther also shares that he has used the dangling skin as ear plugs from time to time, jokingly demonstrating the behavior for Dr. Lee.

His ideal celebrity to emulate for an ear lobe reconstruction? "I don't know, George Clooney's got some pretty nice ears, right?" says Gunther. Dr. Lee then Googles photos of the movie star's ears and agrees.

"My mom would love me a little more; she loves George Clooney, so if I had his ears, that'd be nice," Gunther says.

Dr. Lee goes on to explain the procedure — and the challenges of ending up with two matching ear lobes afterward.

"I really like ear lobe surgery because it's not just about cutting it off and then sewing it together, because it's like a puzzle," she says. "Your ear lobe is round, it has curves, it's a three-dimensional structure. What's challenging is we have to make sure your ear lobes match."

The surgeon then asks her patient if he's okay being awake during the surgery, to which he agrees. "Alright, I will see you at surgery. Let's create some normal-looking ear lobes!"

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