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What Happened To George And Amal Clooney Renewing Their Vows?

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What Happened To George And Amal Clooney Renewing Their Vows? Empty What Happened To George And Amal Clooney Renewing Their Vows?

Post by Admin Thu 01 Oct 2020, 11:41

Good old Gossip Cop on the case!

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What Happened To George And Amal Clooney Renewing Their Vows?

    • EElyse Johnson

    10:00 am, September 30, 2020

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    (Andrea Raffin/

    Did you miss George and Amal Clooney’s vow renewal ceremony last year? That was what one tabloid reported last September. A magazine stated that the Clooneys were having a second ceremony to celebrate their relationship. Gossip Cop looked into the report when it came out. Here is what we learned and what has happened since a year has passed.

    George And Amal Clooney's "Second Wedding"

    Around this time last year, the National Enquirer revealed that George and Amal Clooney were renewing their vows for their fifth wedding anniversary at their Los Angeles home. At the time, an insider divulged to the paper that the ceremony was George’s way of showing Amal and the world “how committed he is to spending the rest of their lives together."

    The paper's insider further elaborated that the Michael Clayton star was disappointed many of his A-list pals couldn’t attend their Italian nuptials in 2014. According to the tabloid’s insider, George was going to “set things right” with this “second wedding” by making it a star-studded affair. Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts were reportedly on the guest list.

    Gossip Cop would like to mention that if such an event did take place, it would’ve been heavily reported on by various news outlets. Still, we continued to look into the narrative. The tabloid’s insider added that George and Amal Clooney’s twins would be “front and center” during the ceremony. The source stated that George wanted the twins to “to join in the fun and make it a long weekend of celebration."

    The Clooneys Kept It Casual For Their Anniversary

    Like we said, if this did happen, more reputable news outlets would’ve covered this story before and after it took place. After all, it is George Clooney. So no, you didn’t miss George and Amal Clooney's imaginary “second wedding.” Last year, the couple commemorated their fifth anniversary by having an intimate dinner with their close friends, Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford.

    In regards to George Clooney having to “prove he’s committed to Amal,” that's yet another narrative that Gossip Cop has had to correct more times than we'd like to count. It seems like the tabloids are insinuating the Clooneys are divorcing or having marital problems every other week.

    Did George And Amal Become Swingers?

    For example, last June, the Enquirer alleged George and Amal Clooney were dating other people. The highly inaccurate and ridiculous story purported the couple’s marriage was deteriorating and the two were becoming swingers. Honestly, the story was so unbelievable that Gossip Cop didn’t even need to correct it. But still, we did our research and checked with a source close to the couple, who laughed off the premise.

    Another phony report from the paper claimed that George and Amal Clooney’s marriage was in crisis over a love child. This was just another baseless and bogus story from the supermarket tabloid that we also corrected. The publication alleged the actor had an illegitimate child, but Gossip Cop debunked the phony story. Simply put, George and Amal Clooney are fine, and it’s high time the tabloids stop trying to suggest otherwise.


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