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The House Rules - 2020 update

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The House Rules - 2020 update Empty The House Rules - 2020 update

Post by Admin Thu 03 Sep 2020, 23:14

To all posting in this forum, here are the rules that you're politely asked to follow - no exceptions.  You don't like the rules, please find another site to be part of.

1. This is a site about GEORGE CLOONEY. As such, I'll include any and all news stories about him be it good, bad or just plain nonsensical - including ridiculous tabloid claims and the weirdo who thinks Clooney is a secret alien-lizard hybrid [yup, really].  

2. About AMAL CLOONEY: she's his wife, whether you like it or not, so be respectful in your posts. This isn't a site about her [although of course as his wife she'll always be written about here]. For that reason, I'm not interested in long rants or criticisms of her.  If you don't like her, go and join an I-hate-Amal-Clooney site or whatever.  Of course, if she fucks up massively, then for sure we can talk about it here, but only if it's a major issue.  Otherwise, tread lightly.  Your critical thoughts on her facial expression, dress sense or body language aren't welcome here.  Freedom of speech is one thing, hate speech is another.

3. Be polite to other posters.  Both when posting in the forum and in private messages.  No name calling, no accusations. 

4. No brown nosing. George Clooney doesn't secretly post here and I doubt he even reads the forum, so don't try to pass 'hidden' messages to him.  

5. No duplicate identities.  Choose a username and stick with it.  Your ego can't be so fragile that you need imaginary friends to stick up for you, surely? If you lose your username, register again and start a thread introducing yourself (eg: "Hi, I'm xxx and I used to post as xxx but I've forgotten my old password).

6. Stay away from the conspiracy theories.  We all know that there is/are an/several obsessed fan(s) who believe George is forced into all of his relationships/marriage.  Ignore them, please.  They can't be reasoned with.  Anyone positing such theories will be banned from this site.

7. Have fun.  If this site is stressing you out, take some time out and join us again later.

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The House Rules - 2020 update Empty Re: The House Rules - 2020 update

Post by Admin Thu 03 Sep 2020, 23:29

How to post
1. When you post please always include a link to the website where you got it from. If you're quoting something from a printed magazine or newspaper please state the name of the publication and the date it was published.

2. When you post something from another website, as well as giving the link please also copy and paste the text from that site. The reason for this is twofold: firstly it makes life easier for everyone because they don't have to go to another website to read what you've posted and then back here to comment.  Secondly if that website updates, moves or deletes the article (which often happens) then it's gone forever, whereas if you post it on this site then it's still here.

3. Thread titles: I'd really appreciate if you can make the title of a new thread something everyone can easily understand what it's about. For example: "Video of George Clooney being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey in 2008" is a good title. “What do you think of this” is not.

4. When you're posting, I prefer to have a new thread for each new bit of news. This can sometimes need a bit of judgement: for example if George is papped twice in New York in one day, then I'd prefer two threads, one for each separate sighting, unless the two sightings are so similar (eg: George leaving a hotel then George returning to the same hotel a few hours later wearing the same clothes) that it's hard to tell them apart.  

Posting about Amal Cloony:
I ask every poster here to use a little self-control when posting about Amal. This is a George Clooney site and I hope his fans would show more of an interest in him than her. I would suggest that if commenting on a picture of the two of them together and already two or three people have commented about her, then ask yourself if what you were going to post about her adds anything new or insightful to the conversation. 

Tone of posts
Please understand that I will always come down harder on negative and critical posts than on positive ones. Two reasons for that:

Firstly, there's a tendency among posters to run away with the negativity and if it's not kept in check the forum turns into one grand bitchfest of spitefulness and mean comments. If anyone only wants to write mean things about George and/or his wife/ex-girlfriends because it’s their idea of ‘fun’ then by all means do so, but not on this forum. This is my site and I don't want it to become the home of the catty posters. I hate to sound hippie here, but relentless negativity is not healthy for anyone and when your mother told you "If you can't say something nice then say nothing at all" she had a valid point.

That doesn't mean that every single post has to be happy clappy and cheerful. That would be weird. Really weird. Just temper the negativity.

Secondly, this is a much smaller consideration but it's still a consideration. George has always been very laidback with what happens online and I don't expect that to change, however, this is my forum and if he (or anyone associated with him) ever gets pissed off at what's written here then I'm the one who gets the letter from the lawyers and potentially faces a libel court case because of things other posters have said. I don't think this would happen but keep it in mind when you post.

The whole opinions, discussion and freedom of speech thing
In an ideal world I’d say posters can write whatever they want. Sadly this gets abused, so on this site freedom of speech does not mean freedom to be as nasty as you want to be. We’re all adults here so a little self-control should work just fine.

With regards to opinions, there are wrong opinions and that should be obvious. For example, if someone posted that the only bad thing about the 2004 tsunami was that not enough foreign people died then I hope everyone here would agree that that opinion is wrong and not acceptable. In short, you may have an opinion but that doesn’t mean your opinion is right or that you have the right to post your opinion in the forum just because it’s your opinion.

Which brings me to the next point: this is a discussion forum and not a soap box. This means that the conversation is two-way and inevitably different people will see things in a different way. If a poster disagrees with another poster’s opinion, it’s not an attack. It’s a discussion. Please treat it as such. If you’re so sensitive that you get upset because someone disagrees with your opinion then ask yourself if a discussion forum is the right place for you.

Remember, you don't ever have to reply to another poster if you don't want to.

Finally, if you read something in the forum that you find offensive or think breaks these rules in a major way then please bring it to my attention by sending a PM. I don’t always see everything and I’m not online 24/7.

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