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George Clooney still the Heart Beat

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George Clooney still the Heart Beat Empty George Clooney still the Heart Beat

Post by heartlove Wed 06 May 2020, 16:48

Happy Birthday George Clooney: Here's why women can't stop drooling over the actor who has aged like fine wine

Pinkvilla Desk
54 minutes ago

With so many new actors entering the world of entertainment every now and then, we develop a new celebrity crush every time we watch a new movie or a TV series. We are all guilty of falling head over heels in love with a celebrity and then eventually getting over our feelings only to fall for some other actor. However, no matter how many new faces catch out attention, we never stop drooling over George Clooney. He is a permanent name on our celebrity crush list and it seems like he is going to stay there forever.

The Hollywood star, who turned 59 on May 6, has aged like a fine wine and there's no denying that. He is an Oscar-winning actor and a true humanitarian, and looks jaw-droppingly good in a tuxedo. There are very few men in the film industry who can rock the grey hair look, and Clooney is one of them. In fact, he is leading the Grey hair game like a boss! He has added various movies and TV shows to his acting credits and is flawless every single one of them. It almost seems like he is incapable of making wrong judgments. On account of Clooney's 59th birthday here’s a list of reasons why we love George Clooney.
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He never takes himself too seriously: Clooney has acted in various blockbuster films and popular Tv series. Thanks to his impressive acting skills, he has won many prestigious awards, including Oscars and golden globes. He is a Hollywood heartthrob and a dedicated humanitarian, yet, he never takes himself too series. He has been one of the leading men in the industry for years and yet nothing gets to his head.  
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He is funny: How can you not appreciate a man with a good sense of humour? His co-star Julia Roberts was once asked, by Ellen DeGeneres, which of her former co-stars she would pick to be stranded on an island. Her options were Clooney, Brad Pitt or Tom Hanks. And while speaking about Clooney she said, “Well, you would just laugh and get super sunburned and then you'd laugh and die.” The actor is always fun during media interactions and interviews, even while addressing serious topics. The is the only actor out there who can play the leading role in the worst Batman movie of all times and have the grace to laugh it off.
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He has been named ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ twice: In 2006, Clooney was named the Sexiest Man Alive for the second time. If People decided to honour him with the title twice, who are we to raise questions? You can just not resist those dreamy eyes and charming smile, EVER! Even his on-screen characters have the same effect on us. He also has an impressive fashion sense. When it comes to his clothes, there is never a bad day. The man looks good in whatever he wears. 
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He is kind and generous: Even though he is a global icon, the actor is always kind to the people around him. He is also very generous. He reportedly paid his struggling ER co-star Noah Wyle's rent for a long time until she could take care of herself again. He once bought a woman a new car after he accidentally damaged hers. He was even spotted giving a homeless man fistful of money.
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He is a dog lover: Apart from being kind and respectful towards human beings, Clooney also loves dogs! And here’s a dog story that will make you fall in love with the actor all over again. Clooney wanted to adopt a house-trained dog when he came across the video of a pooch named Einstein and fell in love with him. He had adopted Einstein in 2010 Los Angeles–based Camp Cocker Rescue. They even starred together in Omega watch ads in 2015. 
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He had to say goodbye to the pet in 2017 and was heartbroken. “My dog died. My dog Einstein. I had to put him to sleep. He had a rough time. He was an old Cocker Spaniel. I’ve had him for a long time and he was a rescue and we had to get him home,” he said during a media interaction.


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