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[joke] Clooney buys bones of heavy metal singer

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[joke] Clooney buys bones of heavy metal singer Empty [joke] Clooney buys bones of heavy metal singer

Post by Katiedot Wed 13 Jul 2011, 02:51

Ok, this is a joke (did someone not turn the calendar over from 1 April?) but hell, everyone deserves their 15 minutes, so here goes:

From tyranny of tradition

11 july 2011

George Clooney Agrees to Buy Bones of Bathory’s Quorthon For 1.6 Million Dollars

By Keith Spillett

In a highly awaited auction, film star George Clooney outbid several other interested collectors for the rights to purchase the bones of former Bathory frontman Quorthon at Southeby’s [sic] in London on Friday. Clooney paid a record 1.6 million dollars for the skeleton, the most ever paid for the remains of a metal artist. Clooney, a lifelong Bathory fan, felt this was the best way to pay his respects to the band that got him into metal. “I’ll never forget the day I bought Under The Sign of the Black Mark,” said Clooney with a nostalgic, distant look in his eye, “it was the first time I ever fell in love.”

The purchase of the organs and bones of dead metal artists has become a hobby among Hollywood celebrities of late. Julia Roberts started the trend last year when she purchased the spinal column and jawbone of Ronnie James Dio for five hundred thousand dollars. Roberts has already offered two million for the corpse of former Iron Maiden singer Paul D’Anno, who has not yet died. Roberts plans to consume the corpse in a stew with several other diehard Maiden fans while listening to the album Killers at her palatial home in Malibu, California. The bidding war over the corpse of Mayhem and Burzum’s Varg Vikernes reportedly may run over 10 million dollars. The country of Albania has already expressed interest in buying his lungs and placing them in the town square in the city of Tirana as a potential way to ward off the evil spirits that have plagued that European nation for the past century.

The recent surge of interest in the band Bathory contributed to the high cost of Quorthon’s bones, which six months ago could have been purchased on Ebay for only four thousand dollars. However, since last month’s release of the Bathory celebrity tribute album, It’s Never a Fine Day to Die, the band has become a household name. The first single of off the album, a duet version of Necromansy performed by Elton John and Ke$ha, climbed to number 7 on the Billboard chart this week. Other major Bathory tributes are popping up all across the United States. Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour proposed a bill to recognize February 17th as Quorthon day in the state “for his contributions to the black metal movement” and Dairy Queen has offered to give anyone free French fries if they bring a copy of “Blood Fire Death” into any of their nearly nine thousand nationwide stores for the next month.

Quorthon’s estate upped the bidding by promising to give a full ten percent of the purchase price to The Salvation Army. Clooney was thrilled not only to be able to finally caress the femur bone of his favorite vocalist; he was also happy to be able to help out a good cause in the process. Salvation Army spokesman Marshall Whitcomb praised the donation and remarked “I haven’t heard much of this Bathory, but my daughter assures me they are great. We look forward to building churches and community centers around America in Quorthon’s name.”

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[joke] Clooney buys bones of heavy metal singer Empty Re: [joke] Clooney buys bones of heavy metal singer

Post by playfuldeb Mon 22 Aug 2011, 02:24

Wonder what the stew tasted like - hehehe. This is a really sick joke.

A lot of his music is being used in films and Discovery Channel.
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[joke] Clooney buys bones of heavy metal singer Empty Re: [joke] Clooney buys bones of heavy metal singer

Post by pattygirl Mon 22 Aug 2011, 14:45

Probably tasteless like he joke. Sick isn't the word for it.

Not into Metal and never heard of Bathony but Say wha?

I have a pretty good sense of humor, I believe but WTF was that.
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[joke] Clooney buys bones of heavy metal singer Empty Re: [joke] Clooney buys bones of heavy metal singer

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