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Post by annemarie Sat 01 Dec 2018, 03:29

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[size=40]Amal Clooney Takes on Historic Lawsuit Against a Corporation for Crimes Against Humanity[/size]

[url= Clooney Takes on Historic Lawsuit Against a Corporation for Crimes Against Humanity][/url][url= Clooney Takes on Historic Lawsuit Against a Corporation for Crimes Against Humanity][/url]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][url= Clooney Takes on Historic Lawsuit Against a Corporation for Crimes Against Humanity][/url]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
November 30, 2018 04:45 PM

Amal Clooney is fighting ISIS on her own terms — through the court system.
Together with colleagues based in London and Paris, the human rights lawyer, and wife to George, has filed an application to represent a group of Yazidi women in an ongoing criminal case against French multinational company Lafarge.
French investigative judges indicted Lafarge in June 2018 after it emerged that eight of its executives had made multi-million-dollar payments to ISIS to continue operating at a cement plant in northern Syria.
The Lafarge executives are accused of complicity in crimes against humanity and financing a terrorist organization. Lafarge has claimed the company as a whole is not responsible for wrongdoing.
“It is an honor to represent Yazidi women in a case that will allow them, and other victims of ISIS, to have their voices heard in a court of law,” Clooney said in a statement released Friday.

“Since August 2014, ISIS has targeted Yazidis in Iraq and Syria through forced displacement, executions, kidnappings, and the sexual enslavement of women and girls,” she added.
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“This case is the first in which a multinational company has been charged with complicity in international crimes committed by ISIS. It provides an opportunity to establish that ISIS, and all those who assisted them, will be held to account for their crimes and that victims will be awarded just compensation.
“And it sends an important message to corporations that are complicit in the commission of international crimes that they will face legal consequences for their actions.”
Clooney’s statement is the latest in a long line of actions in support of Yazidi women. In September 2016 she introduced human trafficking survivor — and 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner — Nadia Murad, as a new UN Goodwill Ambassador in an emotional speech in New York.

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The mom of two followed this up with a second UN speech in March 2017, where she spoke of how the global community had failed to arrest a single member of ISIS for their crimes, despite the fact that their treatment of Yazidi’s was officially considered an act of genocide.
“Not one ISIS militant has faced trial for international crimes anywhere in the world… Why is it that nothing has been done?,” said Clooney.
“If we do not change course, history will judge us, and there will be no excuse for our failure to act.”

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Post by carolhathaway Sat 01 Dec 2018, 08:28

That's an interesting (and in my opinion important) approach: to follow the money and try to drain the swamp...
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Post by party animal - not! Sat 01 Dec 2018, 10:26

Great find, Annemarie.

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And along the same lines as George and The Sentry, who are following the money and corruption in South Sudan - latest is a bank and an army general with corrupt money in Australia

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