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Brad Pitt, Neri Oxman Not Introduced By Amal Clooney

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Brad Pitt, Neri Oxman Not Introduced By Amal Clooney Empty Brad Pitt, Neri Oxman Not Introduced By Amal Clooney

Post by ladybugcngc Thu 26 Apr 2018, 01:24

Brad Pitt and Neri Oxman were not introduced by Amal Clooney, despite an untrue report from a tabloid that was then picked up and spread by an equally unreliable site. Regardless, Gossip Cop, the only site that fact-checks celebrity reporting, can exclusively correct this inaccurate claim. We told it’s untrue.

According to an OK!article titled, “Amal Plays Cupid For Brad,” the human rights attorney allegedly has “a new gig to add to her already impressive resume: matchmaker!” The tabloid further contends that after dating many famous women and marrying two of them, Pitt is “done dating Hollywood actresses,” and so he “turned to his buddy George Clooney’s brainy wife for help.” A so-called “friend” of Pitt’s is quoted as telling the gossip magazine, “Brad was looking for a self-made, independent woman just like Amal and asked if she knew anyone.”
The publication asserts Amal was more than “happy to take on the assignment” and reached out to Oxman, who she supposedly met at a “New York dinner party.” Not surprisingly, HollywoodLife snatched up the story without bothering to fact-check the tabloid’s claims. After noting how Amal is “incredibly intelligent,” “devastatingly beautiful,” and “massively successful” in her own right, the often debunked website explains that’s why Pitt asked for her help in finding Oxman. The blog then quotes OK!’s seemingly made-up “source” as adding, “Amal knows Neri through mutual friends and thought she and Brad would be the perfect fit.” Pitt, concludes the tabloid’s tipster, is the “happiest he’s been in a long time” and is extremely “grateful to Amal for helping him find love again.”

There are several problems with the magazine and website’s stories, most notably the truth. While those two outlets, as usual, are hiding behind an unnamed and unidentifiable “source,” Pitt’s own rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop the claim about Amal being the actor’s “matchmaker” is “not accurate.” Pitt’s spokesperson says the actor and the MIT teacher, who both share a passion for architecture and design, were introduced by a “professional reference.” What’s more, we’re told the tabloid was even told its information was wrong, but ran with the story anyway.
It must be also noted that, contrary to the publication maintaining the actor has found “love again,” Pitt and Oxman aren’t romantically involved. Not only did his rep confirm that key point on the record to Gossip Cop two weeks weeks ago, but Page Six was spot-on when it similarly reported Pitt and the MIT professor have a “professional friendship.” Additionally, People has repeatedly stated Pitt and Oxman are “just friends.”

Of course, the tabloid has been wrong about Pitt on numerous occasions. Just two months ago, the magazine ran an cover story that declared Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce was off, and the two were going to renew their vows. That, too, was all based on an unnamed “source” and was also inaccurate.
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