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Clooney Sudan Quiz

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Clooney Sudan Quiz Empty Clooney Sudan Quiz

Post by watching Sat 02 Jul 2011, 11:47

People on twitter are having some fun at George's expense re: Darfur.

simsimt: Hilarious hashtag: #ClooneySudanQuiz. Sudanese tweeps are putting Hollywood star's George Clooney's knowledge of #Sudan to the test. about 20 hours ago via web

@MoKotkot: #ClooneySudanQuiz: u r harassing Sudan because: 1.u broke up with ur GF 2.u got dropped as a child 3.u r not the sexiest man alive anymore about 10 hours ago via web

@SudanOptimist: #ClooneySudanQuiz: How much did you donate to #Darfur? 1-Your pocket change 2- You couldn't because they don't accept American Express about 10 hours ago via web

@JamilaElGizuli: #ClooneySudanQuiz who is the head of households in #Sudan 1-Arabs 2-Muslims 3-ain't no houses in Sudan, only IDPs about 11 hours ago via Twitter

@SudanOptimist: #ClooneySudanQuiz: Why are you so into #Darfur? 1- #Oprah told me 2- Jolie took all the good places 3- Only place I could kinda pronounce about 11 hours ago via web

MoKotkot: #ClooneySudanQuiz : fool bay aljibna is: 1.mass destruction weapon 2.genocide technique 3.in3al ommak about 16 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

@SudanOptimist: #ClooneySudanQuiz: What's the biggest threat to #Sudanese children? 1- Malnutrition 2- Obesity 3- Angelina Jolie about 17 hours ago via web

SudanOptimist: #ClooneySudanQuiz: What's the total land area of #Darfur? 1- As big as your Beverley Hills mansion 2-Double the size of ur NYC condo about 18 hours ago via web

@farahology: #ClooneySudanQuiz after saving Sudan, what are your next plans? Ocean's 14 maybe or even better nile's 1? about 18 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
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Clooney Sudan Quiz Empty Re: Clooney Sudan Quiz

Post by melbert Sat 02 Jul 2011, 14:06

Oh, do I detect a tad bit of sarcasm? I do hope that he and John will be safe when they go over next week. It's so scary.
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