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Imagine if GEORGE CLOONEY had a kid with an Ugly Woman

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Imagine if GEORGE CLOONEY had a kid with an Ugly Woman Empty Imagine if GEORGE CLOONEY had a kid with an Ugly Woman

Post by RoccoAhoy Mon 06 Feb 2017, 14:12

Imagine if GEORGE CLOONEY had a kid with an Ugly Woman _2017011

Imagine if George Clooney really gets married.  It's been a long time since his divorce from Talia Balsam,  which was before I was born.  All he's had is a string of very homely fake publicity arrangements in last decade.

Btw,  Obama's birth certificate may have been doctored.  Who knows... But he doesn't matter anymore.
Dark episode in US politics.

Fake,  unstamped certificates are not legitimate. Public deception.

Imagine,  though, if Clooney had a kid with an ugly woman.
Sort of like this dude in photo.. But worse.  Like with a Goofy overbite mouth & donkey ears,  bigger schnoz and a Tootsie Neanderthal body.

Those genes are frightfully dominant.

There have been some fake rumors his  PR hacks are spinning about bogus pregnacies for years.  They  probably got idea from Jennifer Aniston's phantom pregnancies.

Maybe with some manly,   big boned broad shouldered slouching woman who has an abnormally protruding pelvis.  LOL.
Then the PR hacks plant stories of bogus  confirmations from fake shilling social media accounts used to manipulate public.
Like the neighbour who's a former theatre actress,  ex police  & works at Sonning Mill theatre.
Nice try deceiving public for media speculation,  PR hags hacks.

Just destroying poor George Clooney's public profile   with distasteful imagery, for desperate media attention.

It'll catch up with him,  further destroying his popularity.

Fake gossip news so PR networks can make money by trying to get more (nauseating)  attention.
As if he wasn't unpopular enough.

Not working.
PR teams cannot make silk purses out of sows ears.
Can't make someone popular.
Not by buying fame off  A-list celebrities nor paying for covers on fluff magazines Photoshopped as King Kong on skyscrapers nor using fake human rights spinning....  
Whether you're spawn of Bryan Lourde or Aaron Spelling... Or from a family of arms dealers...

You either have it... Or not.

Clooney virgin

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