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George's Better Angels.

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George's Better Angels. Empty George's Better Angels.

Post by What Would He Say Sun 31 May 2015, 13:15

I'm a little concerned...I saw this on a thread Friday evening and it got me thinking...George's throw away remark, suddenly got me very worried...

3 years is not a long time ago, but 3 years ago I tried and mostly failed to read a book "The Better Angels of our Nature".....when I got home I chased around to see if I could find the book, there it was in an old wheel-y bag I use to use on my travels.... There in the bag that is now outdated was the book that is now outdated.....

You see I do believe ppl like George (and with Amal - now a power couple) I believe ppl like these do get listened to.....and,  at their level subjects "Trend" and by "Trending" become acceptable by ppl who make the big decisions on behalf of all of us....whether through government or social Influencers.....

He said in the interview that he hoped to look at Syria, but the problem was Very Complicated.....It's not.

It is if you hold dear and fast to the ideas in the the Better Angels Book, then it becomes difficult.....

You see in the last 3 years the world has changed beyond all knowing.....and I worry that the powers that be the influencers will take their foot off the gas, because of the cycles preached, the optimistic view delivered by this one book.....This is not where men and women of vision should be looking or following.....It encourages ppl to take the foot off the gas to shout and say "I'm an optimist things will just get better, it's a bad news cycle but thats all it is a cycle" WTF are they talking about!!!

In the Middle East ISIS want to take us ALL back to year zero. Sharia law, but only as they uphold it.....Unthinkable.

So OK, many of you are in the States, not your lane, your OK far can afford to take your foot of the gas. Right, no wrong! 

Last week 4000 ppl were rescued in the Mediterranean ONE was a terrorist(Museum shooter).....but that is the tip of the iceberg.....

ISIS operate from both sides of pitch....In the markets of the towns they have captured they cleverly roll into town and immediately lower the price of bread....doesn't sound like much, but it adds a comfort to those who worry how to feed their kids, and makes for compliance....remember the very old saying "..... and whats that got to do with the price of bread?"......The price of bread for years has been a vote winner.....

On the other side of the pitch stands the one thing that blows Steve Pinkers Better Angels theory out of the water as an ongoing comforter......Social Media, in only 3 years Social Media has become the bread of the Globe.....look at me here, I have met few of you, yet here I am spending my time sharing my wondering's hoping you get it.....Hoping some of you in the States or OZ will see this and think "yep, I will be more engaged in this because....."

The because is that up until we had Social Media the only weapon you could hold in your palm was a grenade.....Now every phone, phones that kids can have from the age of 12 years old is a potential grenade.

People, young people are being radicalised by Social Media, around the Globe.  No longer is it possible to "keep an eye" on your kids by having the family computer in the middle of the room.  They can slip the abhorrent, unthinkable mind washing crap into the back pocket of their jeans.....And engage anytime, anywhere.....

And many intelligent, bright, beautiful  young people maybe living next door to you are being turned into ticking bombs.....all over the world.....

Syria is the New Spanish Civil War to many young people......Hands up if want to be Hemingway........

What Would He Say
What Would He Say
Mastering the tao of Clooney

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George's Better Angels. Empty Re: George's Better Angels.

Post by LornaDoone Sun 31 May 2015, 16:01

You make some good points. I agree about the bread basket.

Unfortunately, too many in our country think the solution to ISIS is bombs not bread.

The gal who won the noble peace price said it best, something like, send us books and pencils not bombs.

Education is the key. Education coupled with basics like food and shelter are also good but if we're busy bombing we can't be bringing those things that could turn the tide against ISIS.


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