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Lily James: Clooney gave me Twitter tips Facebo13
Lily James: Clooney gave me Twitter tips Twitte12
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Lily James: Clooney gave me Twitter tips

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Lily James: Clooney gave me Twitter tips Empty Lily James: Clooney gave me Twitter tips

Post by Nicky80 on Thu 04 Dec 2014, 20:18

I don't understand the advise from George. why is it so important to check the twitter followers when you cast someone????

Lily James: Clooney gave me Twitter tips

Lily James has been given some career advice by George Clooney.

The 25-year-old actress plays Lady Rose MacClare in TV show Downton Abbey and is making the move into film with parts in flicks such as the upcoming Cinderella.
She's still getting her head around the way Hollywood works and can vividly recall getting some tips from George.
"When I met him, he said that when they're casting, they GENUINELY look at your Twitter followers. I don't know whether it makes me want to cry or makes me think, 'F**k it, if that's the way the world's going, then embrace it,'" she told British magazine InStyle.
Although her star is rising, Lily is maintaining some normality in her life. She still sees the friends she grew up with, and went to Thailand with a pal at the end of last year. They didn't bother with posh hotels, instead choosing low-key accommodation.
"We went to Ko Phangan for the Full Moon New Year's Eve party. I was like, 'I'm too old for this, I'm above it.' Cut to cocktail bucket number 12 and face paint!" she laughed.
Lily still can't believe her career has become so successful and she's learning how to handle it. In particular, the interest in her love life has been tricky to negotiate. She is dating British actor Matt Smith, but is doing her level best not to talk about the romance too much.

"It's funny because I'm a very open person, and I like being honest. I admire actresses like Jennifer Lawrence, who says what she thinks," she said. "People need to be more forthright, you don't want to be this PR-governed machine. But I think, in regards to your love life, you're just entering into a whole world of pain if you talk about it. If you've never said anything, there are no sound bites to haunt you when you're crying into a box Kleenex after it all goes wrong."
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Lily James: Clooney gave me Twitter tips Empty Re: Lily James: Clooney gave me Twitter tips

Post by melbert on Thu 04 Dec 2014, 20:26

If he said it, I think he was pulling her leg.  I think it would make more sense if they knew who YOU were following rather than who's following you.
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