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Film: "Convincing Clooney"

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Film: "Convincing Clooney" Empty Film: "Convincing Clooney"

Post by Katiedot Fri 06 May 2011, 05:05

Well this is a totally bizarre film. It seems like it's not been released yet. Here's all I can find on IMDb:

From imdb
Jackson, a young Los Angeles thespian, has faced rejection at every turn both as an actor and as the writer of his first screenplay. Although his best friends Chris and Disco have always managed to put a positive spin on his failures, it isn't until he meets Amy that things begin to turn around. As a young up and comer in the industry, she is the one woman who can make both of his artistic endeavors a reality. Jackson is then caught between a desire to succeed... and a desire to take care of the one person who has truly taken care of him. CONVINCING CLOONEY is a movie about not just making it, but the unpredictable road taken to get there.

Director: Alexander Cartio
Writer: Sulo Williams
Stars:Sulo Williams, Aimee Garcia and Kelly Perine

Cast overview, first billed only:
Sulo Williams ... Jackson
Aimee Garcia ... Amy
Kelly Perine ... Disco
Hadley Fraser ... Chris
Wilson Cruz ... Joaquin
Rosanna Arquette ... JC
French Stewart ... HW
Assaf Cohen ... Jason
Jennifer Alden ... Amanda
Alexis Ann Carra ... Kristen
Chane't Johnson ... Sherona
Dale Raoul ... Sophia
Robin Riker ... Head Honcho
Brian Greene ... Staffer 1
Erin Stegeman ... Staffer 2

Release Date:2011 (USA) See more »
Filming Locations:Los Angeles, California, USA
Production Co:Heaven's Kiss
Distributors: Synkronized

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Film: "Convincing Clooney" Empty Re: Film: "Convincing Clooney"

Post by melbert Sat 07 May 2011, 05:07

Convincing Clooney to do what? Sounds a little strange to me too Katie. Don't know any names except French Stewart and Rosanna Arquette.
George Clooney fan forever!

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Film: "Convincing Clooney" Empty Re: Film: "Convincing Clooney"

Post by Atalante Sat 07 May 2011, 14:22

Production Co: Heaven's Kiss ??? lol!
Clooney-love. And they said it wouldn't last

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Film: "Convincing Clooney" Empty Re: Film: "Convincing Clooney"

Post by Sponsored content

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