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18 Year Old (alleged Terrorist) shot and killed at Police Station

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18 Year Old (alleged Terrorist) shot and killed at Police Station Empty 18 Year Old (alleged Terrorist) shot and killed at Police Station

Post by theminis Thu 25 Sep 2014, 02:28

Terrible events here over the last few days - think its incredibly sad that an 18 year old is now deceased, for what? Well aware that he made the choice to go to the police station armed and allegedly attack the police with a knife, but have to wonder how misguided are our youth when they think this is the only solution.... The police involved are still to have more operations today, no doubt they will take time to heal from this physical wounds and trauma. (Long story so have edited)

HE was the typical suburban kid who loved his family, girls, cars and his mates, but before 18-year-old Numan Haider was shot dead after stabbing two police officers, he had made the dramatic transformation from Melbourne teen to death cult disciple.

A “person of interest” in a counter-terrorism operation, known to police for three months and becoming increasingly of interest in recent weeks, the teenager is believed to have researched Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s travel plans, ABC reports.

Brainwashed by extremism and nursing a broken heart, the junior jihadi’s plans to travel to Syria were thwarted when his passport was cancelled a week ago.

A failed romance with a woman whom Haider had converted to Islam had left him devastated in recent weeks.

One man who knew Haider said the two recently had lunch, and Haider told him of his breakup and the stress he was under as a result of being investigated for involvement in terrorism activities.

“It (the breakup) was a huge factor in his life. He was very upset.”

A friend told the Herald Sun the women was Haider’s wife, and the pair was living apart.

The “good kid” who had been “brainwashed”, according to a relative, turned his terrorism plans around to plan an attack on home soil after his passport was seized, and his behaviour worried close mates and authorities.

As his relationship soured, Haider took to the streets of Dandenong trying to convert people to Islam. He was one of five people seen thrusting brochures into shoppers’ hands last Thursday.

Witnesses recalled seeing up to 15 police surround the teen outside the Hub arcade. One said Haider was dressed in army camouflage pants and holding a black-and-white flag.

Undeterred, Haider returned next day, retailers said.

The misguided devotion on show when he ranted in Dandenong Plaza, waving an Islamic State flag, brought him to the attention of counter-terrorism police.

His Facebook page also had hate-filled posts, including: “The main message I’m sending with these statuses and photos is to the dogs AFP and ASIO who are declaring war on Islam and Muslims.”

His quiet Afghan family had moved to Endeavour Hills seven years ago, after living for some time in Adelaide. The men in the family took interest in their cars and his father was said to be a driving instructor.

“They were always in the garage, cleaning it out or fixing the cars,” a neighbour said.

“They were a normal family. Very polite, nothing out of the ordinary.”


Haider had been picked up in an intelligence sweep of “chatter” about potential threats to Parliament House, and had followed the movements of government officials, including Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

His rage may have been further­ fuelled by raids on his “Muslim brothers” in Sydney and a romance with a woman whom he converted to Islam that failed in recent weeks.

Defence Force families were told to be on high alert after a soldier’s house was approached in Sydney.

And while police said there had been no specific threats about beheadings some police suspect that this was Haider’s intention, and that it occur in a public place or on film.

The Islamic Council of Victoria refused to immediately condemn the dead teenager’s actions.

Mr Lay defended the counter-terrorism officers’ handling of the confrontation with Haider.

On Tuesday night Haider, who had an ISIL-style flag on him and a large knife tucked into his belt, attacked the two counter-terrorism agents with a small blade after shaking hands with them.

The Afghanistan-born teen, who has links to extremist­ Islamic group Al-Furqan, was hit in the head by a single bullet after stabbing the AFP agent in the head, neck and abdomen.

The Herald Sun has learned that the officers, whose identities will not be released, had attempted to find the teen at his Endeavour Hills home, which they searched, before arranging with him to meet outside the police station.

Haider’s family would not comment about the incident yesterday. Relatives said his 20-year-old brother was “angry’’ and that his mother, Suraya, had barely spoken since learning of her son’s death.

A relative said the family had contacted police asking for Haider’s body to be returned­ for burial.

An eyewitness has made a statement to police that another man in Islamic dress was near the scene in Endeavour Hills where the attack took place.

Police said they had no evidence of other parties being involved in the attack on the police, but that the investigation was in its early stages and interviews with family, friends and associates were being conducted.

Sources said the teen had earlier tried to lure the police to other locations, including a Hungry Jack’s.


Mr Abbott said the incident showed some Australians were capable “of very extreme acts” and would do their countrymen harm.

“The suspect did mount a fierce attack on both officers,”­­ Mr Abbott said.

“Obviously, this indicates that there are people in our community who are capable of very extreme acts. It also indicates that the police will be constantly vigilant to protect us against people who would do us harm,” said the PM, who is in New York.

An eyewitness who saw a Muslim man in Islamic dress at the scene of the attack, said he saw Haider backing his Nissan Pulsar into a parking space and getting out shortly before the rampage.

The witness, who did not want to be named, said the last thing he heard was an officer­ shouting “put it down, put it down’’ before a shot rang out.

“He was all over the shop when he was reversing ... it’s like he was trying to (position his car) to get away.

“There were other people there — a man in white, an Islamic man, 50 to 60 metres away,” he said.

“He may not have had anything to do with it. There were a couple of people there and that one guy stuck out.”

Those close to the investigation said the officers had called the teenager to ask him for a meeting to give him some “life advice’’.

Mr Lay yesterday said that the two police officers had given Haider options about a meeting, and he had also given them options, before it was decided to meet outside the Endeavour Hills police station.

Haider told the police officers he did not want to meet in the foyer, after becoming aware they had searched his house on Tuesday.

It is believed the officers had tried to talk to Haider at his home but he was out.

Several meeting points had been discussed with Haider, including at a local Hungry Jack’s.

Several sources told the Herald Sun investigators are pursuing suspicions that up to three parties were involved in Tuesday’s unprovoked attack.

Last Thursday, Haider was seen outside Dandenong Plaza, wearing camouflage pants and waving a black and white flag.

Intelligence services had found that Haider wanted to go to Syria to join the civil war against Bashar al-Assad’s Government this month. This resulted in the suspension of his passport last week.


Both wounded police officers have had surgery, and were in stable conditions.

Police said they’d had “no choice” but to shoot the teen dead after being stabbed.

Mr Abbott was briefed on the incident while travelling to New York to attend United Nations meetings dealing with the Islamic State threat.

Harun Mehicevic, the leader of Al-Furqan in Springvale, refused to confirm that Haider had been involved with the group.

Mr Lay has written to all Victoria Police members warning them to be alert.
Originally published as Did Numan Haider act alone?

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