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Multiple Usernames/Duplicate Identities

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Multiple Usernames/Duplicate Identities Empty Multiple Usernames/Duplicate Identities

Post by theminis on Mon 08 Sep 2014, 07:30

Just a reminder that Multiple Usernames/Duplicate Identities on this site are not permitted. 

To deliberately create multiple usernames with the intent of masquerading as different posters is not only deceitful but unfair to the majority of posters on this site who are genuinely nice and caring,  and you are taking advantage of their open hearted generosity.  

If you are using multiple usernames so that you can converse with yourself, suggest you try logging onto IMDB instead of COH. 

If you are using multiple usernames so that you can agree with a particular point you are trying to make, then perhaps you are taking your interest in George Clooney (or his girlfriends/fiancée) rather too seriously!

The consequences for breaking this particular House Rule is noted below:

6. No duplicate identities
We love you just as you are. Really, we do, so there's no need to pretend to be different people. Please don't set up multiple accounts with different names. And definitely don't pretend to be anyone else on this forum. If I find a poster is using more than one identity (in other words pretending to be different people) then I will ban that poster and I will post her email addresses, physical address and computer IP address in this forum. If you need to re-register or change your username for whatever reason, just introduce yourself again as "Hello, I'm ABC and I used to post as ZYX before my computer crashed and I had to reset" just so we know who we're talking with.


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