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George Clooney and his quest to 'be happy'

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George Clooney and his quest to 'be happy' Empty George Clooney and his quest to 'be happy'

Post by erik23 Sun 23 Feb 2014, 16:18

After admitting that he is already thinking of giving up her acting career to focus on other related management and production projects , the charismatic George Clooney also venture to discuss the future challenges to be faced in his personal life , being these simple objectives to achieve the "personal happiness , inner peace , and wisdom ."

" All I can say is that as I got older , the only thing I want from life is to provide me personal happiness that everyone seeks . Reaching a time when you can say categorically that have achieved inner peace and wisdom to be happy, that's all that worry me in a few years , "said the interpreter to Hello !

Besides presenting worldwide his latest film, 'The Monuments Men' , the famous artist is currently engaged in the task of making your home a cozy place for your retirement years , a project for which you do not plan to make a substantial financial investment and it will take only acquire those elements that provide " warmth" to your home.

" I do not spend much time at home , really, but when I'm there I like to feel comfortable and the walls made ​​me remember some of the highlights of my life. Boxes I have in my house that I love and that mean a lot to me, but none of that has to do with its economic value. for example , I have an oil painting of a Parisian scene that I bought during my first visit to the city, when he was only 33 years old, a trip I will never forget . And that's the criteria I have when decorating the rooms , display those things that bring warmth and bring me good memories , "said the veteran actor.

Although many of his friends have encouraged him to withdraw from her salon a painting of a " questionable " artistic, George Clooney refuses to do so because it allows you to travel back in time and remember all kinds of details his first trip to Madrid, which also treasured stories very special for him.
" My friends always complain that I have a box of rather questionable quality in one of the top corners of the room , and always ask me why I would not change a better one. That painting I bought during my first visit to Madrid and every time I stay at her, it's like stepping back to the streets. that's one of the most important parts for me , "he added .

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Getting serious about George

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George Clooney and his quest to 'be happy' Empty Re: George Clooney and his quest to 'be happy'

Post by LornaDoone Sun 23 Feb 2014, 16:21

Erik do you have the link to this story? We prefer to give credit to the reporting agency. Thanks.

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