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State of the Union

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State of the Union Empty State of the Union

Post by LornaDoone Sat 01 Feb 2014, 17:33

I found this at the same site that had the Ukraine presentation.  Many interesting facts and stats in the presentation on a variety of topics.  Climate change, subsidies to big oil, the economy, etc.

I do hope that we can get a Congress voted in 2014 that actually DOES something to help the US move forward instead of blocking every initiative that would do that just to spite POTUS.

If you take into account what President Obama has accomplished despite being blocked at every turn, it's pretty extraordinary.

I find parallels to the Ukraine in that those who have the most are desperately fighting to keep power and the money they've made because of it.  If you make laws that only help to enrich the rich to the detriment of the majority of the population then you will eventually anger them and incite them.  I see this over and over again in history and in present day unrest.  The US has too many "haves" who don't understand that such inequality will lead to unrest.  

Or if they do understand it, try to control the media by disseminating "disinformation."  That's what the Koch Brothers have done.  Funded numerous "think tanks" and organizations that try to say they are unbiased and not aligned with any political party when in fact they are funded fully by the Kochs with an agenda to provide information that is  biased.  Their only goal is to get folks who don't realize they are being duped into voting for things that are in direct contrast to what is in their (the voter's) best interest.

Good example is seniors voting for tea party candidates not understanding that the tea party would want to get rid of one of their most important source of income - social security.  A senior who votes for tea party then really doesn't understand how they are potentially doing themselves harm.

But the control of the mainstream media, which we've seen by people like Murdoch who has bought television outlet after outlet and newspaper after newspaper is being eroded by the internet.  The internet and sites like Twitter can quickly disseminate information -  often the truth - in contrast to the biased reporting that we've seen on news outlets like Fox.

The internet is harder to control yet oppressive governments are constantly trying to do it because they know that knowledge and information of the truth is the road to their downfall.  Recently, though, a judge handed down a ruling that might jeopardize the internet also.  I believe corporations are attempting to take control of the internet and that does not bode well for the free exchange of information - especially in areas where the government has total control of the mainstream news media.

I am also disgusted that so many millionaires are in Congress. Not because they are millionaires, I don't begrudge someone working hard and reaping the benefits of it, but because they are tipping laws in their favor to the detriment of the majority of people who are really struggling.  If you are a millionaire who cares only for enriching your own pocket, then of course you would  block any legislation that would improve the economic situation of the "have not's."  That's what's been happening these past few years and couple that with an irrational hatred of POTUS and you get stalemate.

So much unrest in this world is based on several things - the radicalization of religion which is why I am adamant that the only true road to peace is to keep church and state separate.   But try telling that to the extreme right in this country.  And the control of land, its natural resources and the income that is generated from the control of those resources.  We see it in Congo with the blood diamonds and mineral resources, we see it in countries that have oil resources such as Sudan, etc.

Those in control do NOT want everyone to know what they are doing so the control of the news and the internet is vital to their goals.  I'm hoping saner thinking (and voting) will prevail in this country in the coming year so that we can get leaders in Congress who work FOR the people and not to line their own and their cronies pockets.

Okay I'll get off the soapbox.  But the presentation of the SOTU has good info in it and that's what started me down this road to rant!  :-)


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State of the Union Empty Re: State of the Union

Post by party animal - not! Sat 01 Feb 2014, 18:08

Not a rant, Lorna! A reasoned and compelling piece, I thought.

Have to say it totally astonished me to learn how may Congress members have been (or are) sponsored by the NRA. Do they have to register all their interests and investments to the public?

The phrase 'wool over folks' eyes' comes to mind........on so many levels

party animal - not!
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State of the Union Empty Re: State of the Union

Post by LornaDoone Sat 01 Feb 2014, 21:24

Not sure if they have to register their interests and investments but I found this guide from 2011 that may answer that question for you.

Better yet, found that exact question on the Federal Election Commission:

Do I need to disclose my personal financial information?

Yes. Candidates for federal office must file disclosures of their personal finances. Contact the appropriate office for more information: candidates for the US House of Representatives should contact the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct at (202) 225-7103; candidates for the US Senate should contact the Senate Select Committee on Ethics  at (202) 224-2981; candidates for US President and Vice President should review a Legal Advisory issued by the Office of Government Ethics and contact the FEC's Office of General Counsel's General Law and Advice Division at (800) 424-9530. (Personal financial disclosure reports filed by Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates (excluding the incumbent) are available from the FEC's Public Records Office at (800) 424-9530 (press 2).)

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State of the Union Empty Re: State of the Union

Post by Nicky80 Sat 01 Feb 2014, 22:41

Interesting presentation thanks for sharing
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State of the Union Empty Re: State of the Union

Post by ... Sun 02 Feb 2014, 02:28

Great slideshow. Positive graphs & statistics.
Interesting photos too.

Ooh, Mr Clooney!

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State of the Union Empty Re: State of the Union

Post by Carla97 Sun 02 Feb 2014, 11:06

Excellent slideshow. And perfect example how you can leave out the most important slide and it makes all the diffrence (just scrolled through fast, but didn´t expect to see it there either).

If there is a political person who has indirectly influenced my life enormously, it´s Obama. I have a huge respect and I admire him, more than I can put in words. My favorite, no doubt about it. If I say I wouldn´t be here where I am without him winning the first election, it isn´t exaggeration (thank God and Golman Sachs he won the second time too). Others I´m really grateful are Geithner, Bernanke and Paulson.

Obama (with his advisors ^^^...) bailed out Wall Street. He has really read his Milton Friedman. From 4th quarter of 2007 till today, I cannot name any bigger Capitalist (with capital C) other than him and his actions have been concrete. He really opened the door wide open for derivates (most people may not know what derivatives are, although losing their pensions and homes and savings by now many have some idea that they are dangerous and toxic), bankers and headfund managers.

Look at the charts, like S&P 500, from the day he was appointed till now. It´s beautiful. Run up was lead with selected bank & IT stocks (nothing to do with valuation, quality), if you followed his speeches you knew how to trade. If you watched FOX, you prob lost a lot of money. Freshly printed 85 billion $ a month for bond purchases, US redused by 10 billion $. Mother market is a bit upset and frightened...but no need to be as long as he is there. This is far far better than what it was with Bush. He printed to same amount of money and look at the results.

Free press? Where? Not in east nor in west. Only difference is that people who read Pravda, know they are constantly being lied to, unlike in west, where self-deception is national scale.

Clooney supports Obama so, they both are lovable in my books  Give Flowers 

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State of the Union Empty Re: State of the Union

Post by Sponsored content

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