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Forgotten Place, The Spirit of Grabowsee

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Forgotten Place, The Spirit of Grabowsee Empty Forgotten Place, The Spirit of Grabowsee

Post by Mazy Mon 17 Jun 2013, 19:31



A fenced area next to the lake. The leaves here and there, the wind slams a door. Otherwise it is completely silent. A spooky atmosphere that includes George Clooney has attracted. Four days turned the Hollywood star and his crew last week in the old sanatoriums Grabowsee. The COURIER was before them there - and tells the story of this almost forgotten place. Scenes for his film "The Monuments Men".

A few kilometers north of Berlin's city limits Schmachtenhagen, a district of Oranienburg. Middle of the forest suddenly appear on fences. Behind it, right on Grabowsee, lies the site of the former hospital. And who wants to enter it, must pass Ursel.

Ursel is a Caucasian bitch, the newcomers do not currently receiving wagging his tail. Ursel barks. Ursel bares his teeth. And we take first a few meters distance. To Bernhard Hanke appears in the background and calls his dog to heel.

Hanke manages the site of the former tuberculosis sanatorium. It was he who received Clooney, as the mega star was last fall on location scouting for his World War II drama.

"In 1896 the Red Cross has built the first houses here. It was an experiment which should clarify if tuberculosis is to cure the plains. She was, however, reserved for men, "says Hanke. By the First World War and the inflation sanatorium came into financial difficulties. In 1920 she was sold to the National Insurance Institute Brandenburg. "At the end of the 20's then found a great place remodeling," says Hanke. Most of the houses are therefore from that time period. 

way also the house with the number 1, an administration building with a large ballroom.
 The windows are open, the floor is dirty. On stage, there is an old broken piano, the red curtain hangs around useless. What a sad scene! Perfect for Clooney's plan.

His film crew revamped the hall on, tore off the stage, of course, also built on a new and transformed the hall to the film set. The content of the scenes is still top secret. "I can tell nothing," says Hanke. Just this: outdoor shots with a lot of dust and rolling tanks have also given it, yes. The expansive view of the Grabowsee suitable for this, as well as the rectangular courtyard to the main building are placed.

The oldest still preserved today around 30 houses is the director's villa from the 1903. It is a little off. Just like the recent houses: Sowjetbauten. From 1945 Grabowsee used to serve as a military hospital for the Red Army. With the soldiers disappeared in 1995 and the life of the complex. What the army had not been run down since 18 years now forfeit.

Metal thieves have Grabowsee eroded. Vandals celebrated wild parties, even set fire to houses. To Bernhard Hanke, who manages the site since 2004, anschaffte good dog two years ago Ursel. "Since it's there, there were no more attacks," he says. To the intruder named Ursel Clooney was a good girl on the instructions of their master's, could be even stroke.

"She's a good one" (Engl.: She's a Good ") said about George Ursel and asked how old she is. Hanke's answer: "Ursel not talk so much about their age ..."

All in all had been perfect the Clooney-rotation. Hanke is: "The man is a real likeable." And by the way, he may bring a non-profit project in Grabowsee the necessary attention. Namely Hanke has big plans for the former sanatorium, which are not cheap.

The skilled landscapers is the head of the organization "Kids Globe V." On the 35-acre site he wants to set up an educational center for children. With workshops, a music studio, an academy, an auditorium and much more. The owner of the site, Hanke can switch and control generously for years, shows up ready for sale.

The only problem: Bernhard Hanke lack the money. "We would need only to buy the first year and about 17 million euros," says the native of Bavaria."We also want a patron of the arts, which we can pay back the money, and no investor." With two people it was just talking. But George Clooney will not be among them.

One thing in common, the actor, who is engaged in Sudan, and Hanke. You want to improve the world. "George Clooney has a great outlook on life," says Hanke goodbye. "And one thing you can believe me: The Tom Cruise, for example, I certainly would not have left here onto the grounds",7169130,23368698.html

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Forgotten Place, The Spirit of Grabowsee Empty Re: Forgotten Place, The Spirit of Grabowsee

Post by it's me Mon 17 Jun 2013, 21:51

So fascinating place... What did those walls see? Amazing
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