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Post by Best in Category Sun 15 Jul 2012, 18:16

What is this hassle about x-factor hosting?

Audition, interview, chemistry – blaa blaa. For crying out loud, it is a reality show not a movie! Only chemistry needed between hosts are that they understand not to speak at the same time, because it is annoying.

I am, and so are others, convinced that Stacy hears well and knows when is her turn to speak. Let’s let her host it. Done deal. (Any more name dropping just burns money, time and bridges).

In a meantime, however, we have to think about coming shows… streets are flooding with wannabe hosts and hostess, what to do with them?

Audition. Real fast. One question: Is there something in your past that shouldn’t see the daylight? If the answer is yes – you are on. If the answer is no – Adios!

Approximately half of the crowd is left.

Next question: Is that “something” scandalous, semi-scandalous or irrelevant? Get rid off the scandalous and irrelevant.

Then, how do they look? A) Joe Blasco here and there will fix it b) some plastic surgery needed c) total makeover needed. Get rid off the b) and c) (no time for it).

So now we have nice punch of semi-scandalous and at least semi-good-looking people.

Big question: Can they remember the lines? a) they can b) no they can’t c) they can, but the lines are from somewhere else, like Pippi Longstocking. Get rid off the b). Use your network and hint a “friend” about this children’s program hostess talent c).

Last question: Can they look at the camera naturally and invitingly while they speak? a) can b) can’t c) can but eyes are turned into different directions. Get rid off b) and c). (no time for rehearsals here)

What’s left? Group of potential reality show hosts and hostess. This is not yet the finish line.

What is? A reality show where wannabe host and hostess compete for the next production season’s post. The winner gets the job and is not paid for it.

Competition?= Learning lines by heart. Being able to smile couple of hours non- stop. Slimming for the TV (TV makes even thin people look big), preparing how the handle publicity and more importantly post publicity (=no publicity).

This new, hot, spectacular reality show would take place at NASA premises. Contestants participate NASA’s research project at the same time. (these types of projects are constantly going on where any amateur from the street can participate.) So there will be no costs for the location. Camera men are not needed either, everything happens in room with no gravity. Contestants eat same powder real astronauts do while flying. Month to six months could be ideal time to find out who’s the winner.

This reality show would market the next one, which the winner will host.

And another suggestion for the TV program: we have Formula 1, warm-ups, qualifications, competitions but what we do not have? Program showing how these beautiful cars are standing at the garages. Again no staff needed to make this program it could be live security camera. 100 million people watching real time nothing happens to these sleeping beauties.

Do not get me wrong. I do watch some of the reality shows. And if Ayrton Senna was still driving I would watch his car…

Any questions are welcomed – I am happy to try to answer them – usually I am at the Clooney’s kitchen. But now I am leaving for a vacation – in case someone is wondering where I disappeared. Salve Piemonte! With every best wish for a great summer! CIAO!

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