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George Clooney joins L.A. cast of Prop. 8 play

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George Clooney joins L.A. cast of Prop. 8 play - Page 6 Empty Re: George Clooney joins L.A. cast of Prop. 8 play

Post by Mazy Tue 21 May 2013, 03:07

This play has gone around the country some much. I think that it has helped the changing tide of the American people. It is going to be an up hill fight with government.

Saddly the GOP haven't imbrace the concept of equal rights yet. But they are still making racist slurs openly and think there is nothing wrong with that. This weekend it was reported that the Florida Gop were trying to keep "Michele Obama from speaking in a public shool. Both Bush First Ladies spoke at schools which is wonderful. However to try and stop Michele is ludicous.

This idiot said over the weekend:
Georgia GOP Chair Sue Everhart publicly said that she believes legalizing same sex marriage will lead to marriage fraud - committed by heterosexuals. In an interview with the Marietta Daily Journal that made news over the weekend, Everhart said...
Cleveland Play House to present California gay-rights story '8' in reading at Allen Theatre in PlayhouseSquare

By Andrea Simakis, The Plain Dealer
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on May 20, 2013 at 11:55 AM, updated May 20, 2013 at 2:37 PM

Dustin Lance Black arrives for the 81st Academy Awards in 2009. Black won an Oscar that year for "Milk."Associated Press
With the provocative tag line "see what happens when discrimination is put on trial," "8" is a timely piece of political theater coming to the Cleveland Play House next month.

Written by Dustin Lance Black -- who penned the Oscar-winning screenplay "Milk" about slain gay-rights activist and California politico Harvey Milk -- "8" chronicles the historic 2010 federal district court trial that found California's Proposition 8 unconstitutional. Prop 8 stripped gays and lesbians of the right to marry, and the case is now before the U.S. Supreme Court. A ruling is expected in June.

Black used trial transcripts and interviews with key players in the real-life drama to create the ripped-from-the-headlines work that premiered to a sold-out house on Broadway in 2011. (Its West Coast incarnation the following year was as star-studded as it gets, with A-listers Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Martin Sheen sharing the stage.) Since its premiere, "8" has raised more than $1 million to support the American Foundation for Equal Rights, or AFER, the group that filed the case to overturn Prop 8.

The Play House production will be a one-night-only reading on Sunday, June 30, at 5 p.m. in the Allen Theatre in PlayhouseSquare. The as-yet-to-be-announced, 21-member cast will feature area actors and leaders from local government as well as educational and arts organizations.
"With '8,' we join hundreds of organizations across the country -- from the L.A. premiere with the likes of Brad Pitt and George Clooney, to churches and schools, to our peer regional theaters like the Goodman in Chicago -- in presenting the facts on an issue that is at the center of a national conversation," said CPH artistic director Michael Bloom in a statement released today.

Proceeds from the performance will benefit AFER in its marriage-equality efforts and the Cleveland chapter of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, also known as PFLAG. Tickets are on sale now for $25 (includes the reading and a post-show discussion) and $100 (includes priority seating and a private reception with the cast). Call 216-241-6000 or
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George Clooney joins L.A. cast of Prop. 8 play - Page 6 Empty Re: George Clooney joins L.A. cast of Prop. 8 play

Post by Atalante Tue 21 May 2013, 14:41

The problem with all those politicians, especially the republican ones, they haven't studied enough subjects in school. Biology gives you full insight in all sorts of sexual behaviour in the animal world. Basketball

So have fun reading this: Very Happy

Weird Sex in the Animal Kingdom
by ALLIE on FEBRUARY 14, 2009
Banana slugs

The male banana slug’s penis is the same size as his body, so he needs to find a female the same size as himself. Otherwise, his penis is too big for her and she chews it off.


Female porcupines are only interested in sex for 8-12 hours out of the
ENTIRE YEAR! Males have to woo their woman by peeing all over her from 6 ft away. If she’s into it, then she makes him mate over and over again, until he is exhausted. If he’s done before she’s had enough, she leaves him for another male.


Everyone has sex with everyone else, for any reason at all. ”Hey, you brought home fruit? Let’s do it!”


Ah, the art of penis fencing. Since flatworms are hermaphrodites, they duel to see who will be the male and who will be the female. Whoever gets stabbed first by the penis gets to be the woman.


The males are definitely jerky in this species. You see, the female carries her eggs around in her mouth. The male has spots on his anal fin that look like eggs. So the female, thinking she dropped some, moves in to pick up her “lost eggs” and in the process gets a faceful of sperm, compliments of the male.


Only around a dozen male drones get to mate with the queen bee out of a thousand or so, but their genitals explode and their broken-off penis acts as a cork to keep their sperm inside the queen.


And here, you thought your boyfriend was a parasite! Once the male anglerfish reaches maturity, his digestive system shuts down. Since he can’t eat or digest food on his own, he finds a female, bites her and releases an enzyme that bonds them together permanently. Voila! No work required by the male, except for releasing sperm every now and then.

Brown antechinus

This little marsupial is so sex-crazed, that he will hump until he keels over and dies of exhaustion. He will spend up to 12 hours mating with one female. YIKES! Insatiable to the core, he goes from female to female, mating until his immune system becomes suppressed, he develops severe ulcers and gets infected by parasites and dies at the end of the mating season.


Talk about dominant women! The female hyenas are more aggressive than their male counterparts, and are even equipped with a pseudopenis (basically a realllly large clitoris). The males then have to artfully insert their penis into the pseudopenis in order to mate.

Percula clownfish

In a family group, the largest member is the female and the second-largest is the male. When the female dies, the male then switches sex and becomes the female of the family.


Snails are also hermaphrodites. Strange fact: their penis is located on their neck! As put it, even though they have both parts, they still need a mate because snails, like Jesus, frown on self-love. Instead they stab each other with calcium “love darts” to convince their partner to trade sperm packets.


Panda porn. Got to see some of that at the 2007 SCB conference, while sitting with my dad. AWKWARD. It’s no secret that zookeepers have had issues breeding pandas in the past. Now pandas of a certain age are shown “panda porn” to get them in the mood.


The male hippo will put himself on display, defecate on himself and use his tail like a propeller to spread it around, in the hopes of attracting a mate.

Red-sided garter snakes

The female ends up in a giant snake orgy called a mating ball, which can consist of up to 100 males all trying to mate with the one female. It’s a big tourist attraction up in Manitoba, Canada.

Argentine lake duck

This duck has a 17 inch long, corkscrew-shaped penis, with a brush on its end. It uses the brush to remove any sperm left by a previous male. And if its female tries to escape, he uses his penis as a lasso to bring her back.

Whiptail lizards

These guys aren’t guys at all. None of them are. They are ALL females. How do they reproduce, you ask? They engage in a little girl-on-girl humping to encourage the female to reproduce on her own and produce an exact clone of herself.


The phrase “traumatic insemination” says it all. Male bedbugs have such sharp penises, that they basically just stab through the female’s body to deposit their sperm.

Sea hares

Yet another hermaphrodite, sea hares will form a line or circle, one upon the next, to mate.


Also known as the paper nautilus, this is a species of octopus. The male produces a ball of spermatozoa in a special tentacle called a hectocotylus. When he sees a female he likes, the male then detaches his penis to swim by itself to the female!


This detachable swimming penis was actually first noted by an Italian naturalist back in the 1800s, who mistook it for a parasitic worm!

Its a matter of size

Here’s some info you wouldn’t expect. Barnacles have the longest penis to body ratio in the entire animal kingdom. The penis can be up to 50 times the size of its owner! Yet gorillas, which can weigh up to 450 lbs or so, have penises less than 2 inches long! Stranger yet: the world’s longest sperm actually belongs to fruit fly of the Drosophila bifurca species. Once uncoiled, a single sperm measures 2 inches long, which is 1,000 times the size of human sperm!

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George Clooney joins L.A. cast of Prop. 8 play - Page 6 Empty Re: George Clooney joins L.A. cast of Prop. 8 play

Post by Mazy Tue 21 May 2013, 17:30

Whoa I didn't expect all that, I'm not doing "quotes"
In case someone asks me about the mating habits of any of them I now know where to go to find the information, thanks a lot.

Back to the stupid politicians, mostly GOPs. They are all stupid idiots as I call them on tweeter. You would think that they would see the trending going on there. We have so many different groups that are pushing to get them out of office so Pre. Obama can get some things accomplished after the 2014 elections.

Little things like equal rights ..... just being sarcastic.

Today I got a news up-date, these adoptive parents of an 8yr old child, they call M.C. M.C. was born a true hermaphrodite. Not sure why they took baby away from the Mother. Social Services had a specialist do a sexual designation surgery, they choose female. This doctor had writen an article how dangerous is was at 16 months you might not pick the sex that the person would be comfortable with. There was no reason he had to be done so young if at all.

Well at 8 M.C. feels like he is a boy. They are in court now, suing the government services and the doctor. But the only thing that M.C. can get out of all this is some money. The doctor destroyed all male parts and the way it ending up this child will never be able to reproduce or have any kind of sexual life.

I get so angry at this stuff that I'm not a nice person when I spread these things around twitter. The only nice tweeting that I seem to do is about George. After that incident, I opened up my picture file on twitter and scrolled through his picture until I calmed down.

Then I got more than 8-9 news alerts about OK and the tornados, so I left AOL. I'm running on again, but anyway your post made me laugh so hard it hurt, thanks.
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George Clooney joins L.A. cast of Prop. 8 play - Page 6 Empty Re: George Clooney joins L.A. cast of Prop. 8 play

Post by Sponsored content

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