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Did you know....

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Did you know....

Post by laetval on Thu Aug 11 2011, 12:54

....that there is a website calling seekingArrangement.com (http://www.seekingarrangement.com/ ) I found on a french newspaper an article which I want to share with you and you know what? I though to George! LOL!

Woman seeking men aged swath, preferably richOn the one hand, a man of a certain age, with deep pockets. On the other, a young woman, cute and penniless. Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby will be able to meet and "hug" via an American website, however rejects the term prostitution.
SeekingArrangement.com connects "the rich benefactors and beautiful girls and beautiful boys." Sugar Daddy is first an old expression that designates an elderly man who has a young person.

No Prostitution

On the site, the principle is simple: Sugar Daddy "rich and has no time to lose, looking for someone to spoil," is described, giving the numbers of his bank account and the amount of the allowance it may pay monthly, less than 1000 dollars to over 20 000. It will cost $ 50 per month, more miles per year for the site to certify his fortune. Sugar Baby has to know, and it's free for her, how broadly it waits. The couple will then meet, dine, travel and maybe more."It's not prostitution! "Exclaims Brandon Wade, 41, founder of the site. "If it were only money and sex, people would go to a site of prostitutes." According to the boss SeekingArrangement.com, 35% of Sugar Babies are registered students, who can pay for their education.

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Re: Did you know....

Post by blubelle on Thu Aug 11 2011, 15:46

Well, if it isn't prostitution what is it? A friendly introduction site?? Love7

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Re: Did you know....

Post by melbert on Fri Aug 12 2011, 03:22

We have another thread that talks about women who will do almost anything to "get" their rich sugar daddies. Now we know of a website where we can find ours! Yay, sign me up - NOT!!!!!

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Re: Did you know....

Post by Sponsored content

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