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George and Amal out and about in NYC heading to Raoul's restaurant Thursday

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Re: George and Amal out and about in NYC heading to Raoul's restaurant Thursday

Post by Admin on Mon 09 Apr 2018, 06:33

Right, we're going a little off-track on the clothes thing. Let me copy and paste all these comments onto a new thread and we can talk it through there.

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Re: George and Amal out and about in NYC heading to Raoul's restaurant Thursday

Post by Admin on Mon 09 Apr 2018, 08:58

ladybugcngc wrote:The articles of late are more about what Amal is wearing, than the work she is doing.  It's hard for me to take Amal's work as a Human Rights Lawyer seriously when that is the case
 Are you reading the entertainment press or the serious legal publications?  Because if the former, then it's hardly surprising.  The journalists aren't interested in her work (other than sometimes to mention that she's working on a case) and don't give it any coverage.  She's only of interest to the newspapers and magazine because she's George Clooney's wife.  If you actually wanted to judge her (or any other lawyer for that matter), you need to be reading the legal review publications.  

ladybugcngc wrote:However, when more is printed about what your wearing than the cases your working on that's over-kill in my opinion.
 Again, are you referring to the serious law review publications or entertainment sites such as the Daily Mail who aren't writing about her job but about what she's wearing?

ladybugcngc wrote:I have to be honest, what I've read about the cases she has worked on, I'm NOT impressed.  I've expressed that in great detail on more than one occasion here. 
 Hmmmm.  In order to have actually read about the cases she's worked on, you'd need to have read legal notes and whatever specialist law publications cover her cases.  Which ones have you been reading?  

ladybugcngc wrote:In the press I heard over and over Amal Clooney represented Julian Assange.  There was even a "Who once to be a Millionaire" question about Amal representing Julian Assange.  When news surfaced he's a nut, it was THEN STRESSED Amal was ONE of a team that represented him, I still find that funny.  
 If that was what had happened, then it may be funny.  It was never a secret that Amal represented him only for one legal case (he has a number of legal battles, which you may or may not know) and was part of a team.  It's just that you didn't know that.  I also don't think it's news to anyone that he's "a nut".  Again, maybe you didn't know that about him, but I think most people on this forum did - there was even a film about him in 2013 starring Benedict Cumberbatch.  

ladybugcngc wrote:I was "flogged" so badly about Amal and Julian Assange
 No you weren't.  Just as you aren't being "flogged" now.  It's just that your levels of ignorance about what Amal does for a living coupled with your (to me) inexplicable desire to express an opinion on something you clearly don't understand means it takes someone with a lot more patience than I have to keep on explaining the facts to you. Especially when it's clear that you have no interested in learning more, but will continue to just go ahead and make judgements based on what you think you know.

ladybugcngc wrote: I take great joy in pointing out when others fail to mention she works with as one of a team of attorney's. 
 Yes, thanks for that Captain Obvious. But you realise you're probably the only one on this forum who didn't know that?

ladybugcngc wrote: I was pretty sure she was the sole attorney representing Nadia, it was nice to point out she does work on cases where she is the "sole" attorney and I'm sure she has a research team that helps her on Nadia's case.
 Wow.  Just because from time to time she does represent a client on her own (as far as we know) doesn't invalidate the majority of the other times when she works as part of a team.  Again, just because you didn't know something doesn't mean it's not true or that nobody else here knew it.

ladybugcngc wrote:   Amal's latest date night looks and media coverage remind me of reality show personalities trying to get attention. 
 Yep, tend to agree with that but not because of the outfits she wears (as far as I'm concerned, she can wear what she wants) but because it seems to be borrowed outfits all the time.  Reality stars need to do that and I don't think she does.  Obviously I'm wrong.  

ladybugcngc wrote:So far, I have not been impressed with Amal's cases
 Again, given you agree to knowing almost nothing about her job, do you really think you're in a position to say that?  Are you by any chance thinking of the kind of lawyer in tv shows who have court cases that are won or lost?  Are you aware that many of the cases she takes on (solely or as a team) are often unwinnable by your definitions? It would take a lawyer with a real understanding of the kind of work she does who'd be able to state whether she is or isn't good at her job.  If you're basing your opinions on stories from the Daily Mail and suchlike, then you really aren't in any position to know anything about what she does.

ladybugcngc wrote: if she was not in a marriage relationship with George Clooney I would not know who she was or take the time to comment on what she's wearing.  
 What you've just said is that if she weren't famous you wouldn't know about her.   I think that's true for everyone who's not featured in the entertainment press, isn't it?[/quote]

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Re: George and Amal out and about in NYC heading to Raoul's restaurant Thursday

Post by ladybugcngc on Mon 09 Apr 2018, 17:40

whoosh Katie...

Katie, it sounds like I've hit a nerve, let's friendship hug it out Hug1.
Clooney maximus fantasticus

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Re: George and Amal out and about in NYC heading to Raoul's restaurant Thursday

Post by Sponsored content

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