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Photographer talks about taking George's pic

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Photographer talks about taking George's pic

Post by Katiedot on Wed 29 Jun 2011, 11:46

Nice story at the link. I've just copied the George part:

From eadt

DOES Adrian Green ever get starstruck? A bit – but he soon gets over it.

“With George Clooney” – photographed at Claridge’s hotel in Mayfair – “I was going ‘Oh Jesus, George Clooney!’, but as soon as you start taking pictures you don’t think about it. Because I’ve done it for so long, I go into ‘photographer mode’.”

The former star of er was one of the nicest actors he’d met. “He was chatting away to my assistant, and we were chatting about golf.

“There’s often a real hierarchy and quite often the assistant is not allowed to eat with the photographer or the client. They’re not even allowed to talk to them.

“It’s an industry of paranoia, really, because everybody thinks ‘He’s going to nick my job and nick my clients.’ But you can always tell how cool someone is. If they ignore your assistant, they’re just playing the game of ‘I’m important. I speak only to people of equal importance.’ But George was great.

“I think the reason some actors do so well is they’re so charming. If you’re an a-------, it just doesn’t work, because people can’t wait to kick you. The people who do well are charming and everyone likes them and wants to help them. It’s the power of being positive, isn’t it?”


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Re: Photographer talks about taking George's pic

Post by it's me on Wed 29 Jun 2011, 16:18

the power of being positive

positive, in a good way, I hope!
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