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Stan denies! George did not date Anthony Weiner's wife

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Stan denies! George did not date Anthony Weiner's wife

Post by watching on Thu 09 Jun 2011, 13:03

Was this even being discussed? Well at least we know Stan is talking to the press on George's behalf. Care to comment on any other current news stories Stan?

George Clooney Did NOT Date Anthony Weiner’s Wife!
Posted on Jun 09, 2011 @ 06:28AM \
WENN/GettyBy Alexis Tereszcuk
Radar Staff Reporter

Did Anthony Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin date Hollywood hunk George Clooney before she married her philandering husband?

Unfortunately for Huma -- no!

There have been multiple reports that Huma was “romanced” by the A-list leading man, and that George was at her “beck and call” but RadarOnline.com can exclusively reveal that just isn’t true.

“He met her once at an event,” Clooney’s rep Stan Rosenfield told RadarOnline.com, shooting down the rumors.

And he made sure to let us know exactly what did NOT happen between the two.

“No dating, no phoning, no texting, no tweeting.”

The news that Huma, 35, is pregnant with the couple’s first child broke on Wednesday, and she is currently out of the country traveling with her boss, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, while her husband is being pressured to step down from his congressional office.

Weinergate continued to build steam after the Democrat tearfully admitted that he had sent a lewd photo to a young woman via Twitter and that he had “inappropriate” relationships with at least six other women.

RadarOnline.com and Star magazine exclusively reported that Weiner sent over 200 sexually explicit messages through Facebook to 40-year-old Vegas blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss while he was married to Huma.

“I’m deeply sorry for the pain this has caused my wife,” Wiener, 46, said at the press conference June 6. He said they had no intention of splitting up. “I love my wife very much. We’ve been through a great deal together and will weather this.”

He did admit though that she was less than pleased with his actions. “She was not happy,” he said. “[She] made it very clear that what I did was dumb.”

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Re: Stan denies! George did not date Anthony Weiner's wife

Post by lucy on Thu 09 Jun 2011, 13:25

How do you trust a man who has so stupidly embarrassed you and cheated, yes IMO it's cheating, in such a public way? Good thing she has a boss to ask for advice of that's been through something worse. Stan comments on this shit but won't put together a proper sentence for a 2year relationship!
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Re: Stan denies! George did not date Anthony Weiner's wife

Post by cindigirl on Thu 09 Jun 2011, 18:02

I don't think Stan is allowed a concrete statement. All the more to keep us guessing. It's Georges game.
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Re: Stan denies! George did not date Anthony Weiner's wife

Post by Dexterdidit on Fri 10 Jun 2011, 02:22

Stan needs to be careful what he says we all think the split is on the horizan so he can't come out and say how happy etc they are together. So he just leaves the basic they are together! Sometimes it's what he doesn't say.
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Re: Stan denies! George did not date Anthony Weiner's wife

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