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Saturday Night Live Nespresso Ad 12-5-15

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Saturday Night Live Nespresso Ad 12-5-15

Post by melbert on Sun Dec 06 2015, 18:20

Too funny!  The ad is about 48 minutes in.

It wouldn't copy the Hulu video for me - sorry.  Just click on the article, then on the Ryan video and FF to about 48 mins.


SNL's George Clooney Parody Is Stupid Good
Maggie Lange

Ryan Gosling hosted, Leon Bridges played, and there was a random and fantastic George Clooney impersonation.

Sometimes the best things are things you never even thought about wanting, like a really good parody of George Clooney. That happened this week on Saturday Night Live this week, for few reasons (he's in a commercial selling coffee? in which he gives Danny Devito a makeover?). Regardless of reasons, just look at those brows and that smirk and that knowing attitude! Listen to the gravelly growl! So arch, that Taran Killam pretending to be George Clooney.

(^ The Clooney bit appears about 45 minutes in. Before that, there is fun stuff with Ryan Gosling and Leon Bridges playing music, if you need a report on that.)

George Clooney fan forever!

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Re: Saturday Night Live Nespresso Ad 12-5-15

Post by Katiedot on Mon Dec 07 2015, 05:16

The video is only viewable to people in the US Sad

Anyone with access can copy the 'embed' code at the bottom of the video click on 'share': http://www.hulu.com/watch/879963 pretty please!

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