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Ask Better Questions - Actresses on the Red Carpet

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Ask Better Questions - Actresses on the Red Carpet

Post by party animal - not! on Sun 18 Jan 2015, 13:46


Thanks to Frenchiesfans

Google Translation

Video-best of sexist questions actresses


"Tell me about your dress", "What underwear do you wear?" ... The questions frequently asked actresses, already a minority in the 7th art, on the red carpet or interview. A video entitled "Ask Better Questions" compiles all these sexist questions.

The video also shows the stars annoyed by such questions. Like Scarlett Johansson, asked about Avengers on the underwear she wears underneath her slinky combi "You are the fifth person to ask me that," she says to the reporter. Anne Hathaway does not let himself do either when asked if she made arrangements for her role as Catwoman. She replies: "Looking to lose weight, perhaps?"
We also retain Cate Blanchett surprises cameraman filming downward women on the red carpet, emphasizing their fall kidneys and chest: "Do you do this with men?" He asks t -it. The video ends with a quote good about Hadley Freeman, American journalist and columnist in the Guardian: "It's a strange environment in the Western world where it is still quite agreed to reduce intelligent women and having a beautiful career candidates for a beauty contest. "

Le Petit Journal also spotted a large sexist moment on the red carpet of the Golden Globes. Amal Alamuddin was present alongside George Clooney, with whom she has just married. A journalist asks him without shame: "When is the baby?". The lawyer will respond, shot back: "You're worse than my mother!" (see the 25th minute).

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party animal - not!
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Re: Ask Better Questions - Actresses on the Red Carpet

Post by fava on Sun 18 Jan 2015, 14:16

Yes!  I hope this catches on.  It's rudiculous to focus primarily on appearance and no substance with women on the red carpet.

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Re: Ask Better Questions - Actresses on the Red Carpet

Post by Joanna on Sun 18 Jan 2015, 17:10

"You're worse than my mother" was a great
comeback from Amal, I thought, when I saw it.

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Re: Ask Better Questions - Actresses on the Red Carpet

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