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'If I saw him I’d kiss him' Katherine Jenkins thanks George Clooney for his wedding date

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'If I saw him I’d kiss him' Katherine Jenkins thanks George Clooney for his wedding date

Post by Nicky80 on Sat 15 Nov 2014, 20:05

'If I saw him I’d kiss him' Katherine Jenkins thanks George Clooney for his wedding date

AS A celebrity, getting married is probably the hardest thing to keep low-key but luckily for Katherine Jenkins that wasn't a Problem.

The 34-year-old singer married Andrew Levitis at Hampton Court Palace on September 27, but Hollywood star George Clooney also got hitched that day.
Therefore the world's media were fixated on George's nuptials in Venice, which left Katherine and Andrew to enjoy their day in peace.
Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show, Katherine opened up about her special day and even thanked George for choosing the same date.
"Thank God for George Clooney is all I can say," she laughed. "If I saw him I’d kiss him.

"I’ve always said that I wouldn’t want to sell my wedding. We got an offer to do that but I just wanted to be a normal bride and groom, have the family and not be like a big showbiz thing.
"So when I saw that they were getting married on the same day it was like ‘brilliant hopefully now we’ve got a chance to do this in a low-key way,'" she added.
She and Andrew were the first people to be given permission to marry in the state apartments at the palace.
"I think previously you could get married in the grounds, you could get married in the chapel if you fulfilled certain criteria, but we were the first to be allowed to marry inside the palace so that was amazing," Katherine explained.
The blonde star revealed that the pair decided to embraced both of their heritages with the wedding, incorporating Jewish aspects for Andrew as well as her Welsh roots.

Katherine also told Jonathan that she found a very special way to include her father John, despite him dying of lung cancer when she was just a teenager.
"I was fifteen when he passed away quite suddenly and it spurs me on," she said.
"I want to do well in his memory and all my albums are dedicated to him. I had his name sewn into my wedding dress when I walked down the aisle, so he walked down with me. So he was there."
Katherine began dating US artist Andrew in February, and they've certainly enjoyed a whirlwind romance, with Andrew having visited her hometown in Wales.

"He (Andrew) did come to Neath at Christmas last year," Katherine explained to Jonathan. "I love Wales so much, so obviously I’ve raved about how amazing it is. There’s these beautiful valleys, it’s like picture postcard. 
"And then a week before he was coming to Wales he found a Facebook page called Drunken Welsh people in the street and I thought, 'Oh God am I on it?' But he did come to Wales and has totally fallen in love with it."
Katherine was joined on Jonathan's sofa by Michael Palin, Gordon Ramsay and Carey Mulligan.

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