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George Clooney Interview with Hungarian Magazine: September wedding confirmed ?????

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George Clooney Interview with Hungarian Magazine: September wedding confirmed ?????

Post by Nicky80 on Thu 24 Jul 2014, 08:49

Found on frenchies. 

Google translation. the translation really sucks....not sure if the magazine confirmed with George during the Interview that the wedding is in September or the magazine is just repeating the rumor....

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George Clooney: September wedding! 

Not many people can arrange to prohibit the stares in front of the house, around 100 meters from the pontoon-seen banned from, and impose a fine who violates the ban. Of course, if the person named George Clooney, do not be bugging the mayor to a small town on the shores of Lake Como, is much more important than a local celebrity tranquility as the occasional tourist curiosity. 

What is the measure of interest is that Clooney is not forever, just asked the town's goodwill until September 30. Why? Because rumor has it that sometime after the Venice Film Festival in September and the end, Laglióban, the house, the Villa Oleandrában getting married. And then wait a minute! Because if someone does not want to hear about marriage and does not want children, to George Clooney. Nicole Kidman and Michelle Pfeiffer also received ten thousand dollars to their friend George married before the age of 50. Clooney almost waited until May 53 is the load to announce that marries Amal Alammudint, living in London, Lebanese-
British-born, 36-year-old, successful, beautiful, rich, and smart civil rights lawyer, who in September last year met at a charitable dinner. Why did you decide to get married any earlier statement refuting? Perhaps the answer is simpler than you think. George Clooney's professional decisions has not disputed by anyone. Hook the romantic heroes, because these films - constantly failed, since only drama in front of the camera is - according to his own judgment and the producers. And more and more of a producer, directors. The home movies start with the money you are looking for the Omega and the Nespresso ads. 

However, the privacy microscope monitors the world press, and our denial, so far, it could also find grip. 

Clooney crowd favorite, in addition to too handsome, too charming and too sensible enough to where a könnyűvérű Las Vegas cocktail waitress (Sarah Larson), where a semi-secular Italian álcelebbel (Elisabetta Canalis), where an American award-wrestling woman (Stacy Keibler) strike your valuable watches. Interestingly, all of them let you launch, when the current partner asked the question: When it comes to the ring? But if these are not easy issues really meant a lot to George, then what or who is the one who does a lot of background or meant to him? This rumor is now put to the end point of the actor over the years I've talked a lot about life, orbiting mendemondákról, women and marriage. 

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Too handsome, smart, successful, honest, talented and rich. At least one thing to say, which are not super ... 
A handsome hand, you can forget it ... put it to the list so that I can improve a car's great. Recently my friend's car broke down and I immediately realized that the belt needs to be replaced. The engine I have often megreparáltam, so I know which end should hold the grip. Do not forget the country I grew up in Kentucky. What kind if you overrun the car, you'll have to fix it. 

Every guy has some of the car mount ... 
I am also things around the house at home when installed or repaired, but this thankfully is not needed because there is always someone who has to do it professionally. But if you need, I'm there. It's just ... I'm not cheap. Expensive in time. 

Who taught me how to work around the house? 
What do you think? My dad can not distinguish between the hammer screwdriver. With us in the studios of the great mechanic. He erected the roof, though twenty years. Slowly fill the eighty, but still hit. I asked before his sixtieth birthday, and what you want, he said, table saw. The bigger, the better. I bought him the largest of the large. He erected the beams, which megspécizte the roof. Hell of a woman. From him I inherited the kézügyességemet. 

But I still would not tell me what it is, which you do not understand ... 
The always turn off while driving ... especially when the person is conceited. Do nothing is not a perfect solution, even when you think you're right, now that he really could not have done better. You can always be better, you can always wiser. 

A little glossed over the answer, but I accept it. What do you value me? 
Subject do you think? Each apartment is filled with family and friends with photos, paintings and collect wherever I go. Because this makes the house cozy. There is not a picture of what you look at and shoulders drew to go, it is not to lick their mouth edge to woe, but beautiful. Not so collected. And this is pretty much seems to be what I am. 

And what value the people away? 
He who is keeping. And barátságaimat. I love it when someone can give selflessly. Especially if olyasmitől also can become what you really want, because you can really honestly, from the heart enter. Honesty think much, because I know that no one can be one hundred percent honest. It is also much appreciate if someone can and want to take responsibility for others, for those who can not care for themselves. I hate arrogance. 
When someone thinks that he will tell the people, and only his opinion prevail. I love it when someone can hold you back, if polite, attentive and able to respect others. 

Or how to adapt and how much are you willing to compromise? 
George Clooney will tell no one. I listen and adapt to. The fact that life demands. At least the kind of life in which I believe. Everyone bumpy road, you can decide just how much do you smile in the corners. The question is how much and how you want to survive. Stubborn is not worth, at least I do not. 

It's hard to make a living was behind the 50th? 
Since the last birthday, my life is a lot easier than I thought. Much, much easier. Aches here and there, especially in the knees and especially in the morning. But this is the biggest problem. I see my colleagues who went with me ... most of them are nowhere to be found. Very few stayed on his feet, very hard because Hollywood filter. Most átnyergeltek another area, because you had to live somehow. They were seeing dirt so lucky. I survived because of poor television series, in which I was wrong csapnivalóan, survived almost tragic mistakes in business, in life as well. Is always the question of what is a step. When you are running the wagon, it is easy to decide. Körülzsizsegnek, everything is smooth. Then there is gas, when all is down or crashes. And there is such a lot. Surviving is very difficult. Especially the girls, when they start to get old, and spit out the profession. The failure can be very wretched, especially if mismanaged. I would say there is no such thing as failure. Man NEKIFUT, and if it fails, at least he tried. The only failure is when you do not even try. There were some that I've forgotten more than once. Well, I call it a failure. But also because you can come back, just not easy. 

The women in one way or? 
Now, I find myself together, lest I say something wrong. The question of what I enjoy in women? 

The question is, what are you looking for in a woman. 
Sure to be anything other than 15, 20 or 30 years old koromban.Tisztelem them. Large role in my life. As time goes on, I appreciate more and more women would almost say more than men. I can understand them. In making their decisions. As people get older, wiser, especially ... What am I doing to women? What everyone else. Happiness and peace of mind. Until you find it. Humor, high spirits, and that for the sake of not having to act like a woman. And no matter if you're smart. 

How beautiful is the ideal woman? 
Be happy with the way it is. Do not try to help himself with plastic. Pathetic, when a twenty-szétoperáltatja everything, does not it? Not to mention this to anyone who is thinking of me, you will not be able to stand it when I get old. 

Once I've been married a long time ago ... 
There are people who can calm me down in life without marriage. Look at me, I'm what a balanced and relaxed! Years ago I decided that I want to live my life happily and not let myself throw me off. Which does not fit, it does not fit into - and which must fit, it will fit. 

Amal Alamuddin seem to fit, and this also helps to Clooney nor money, nor the glory does not need. Comes from a wealthy family, and as one of London's most prestigious law firm staff, including the UN Secretary General and the former Ukrainian 
Advisor to the Prime Minister. Young, beautiful, pretty and smart. And maybe it is not a disadvantage to not give themselves easily. Because if it's true what they tell us, after the first encounter Amal just gave it to the e-mail address Clooney. 
So George has been forced to confession, true to be honest: "The world's sexiest boyfriend want to go out with the world's top lawyer model." See the rest in the middle of September.

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Re: George Clooney Interview with Hungarian Magazine: September wedding confirmed ?????

Post by Joanna on Thu 24 Jul 2014, 15:16

I agree Nicky....a terrible translation !!

It's a good job that we know that it's Nina Clooney
who enjoys maintaining Casa Clooney Snr.....
and who wanted a table saw for her birthday !

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Re: George Clooney Interview with Hungarian Magazine: September wedding confirmed ?????

Post by PigPen on Thu 24 Jul 2014, 16:50

Two trains of thought.... the mag is just repeating the rumor, as is everyone else.  I doubt George would confirm
            OR, and this is a stretch........

The wedding really is in September and he's assuming no one believes it, so when Sept 30th rolls around and their back from the honeymoon, TA DA !!!

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Re: George Clooney Interview with Hungarian Magazine: September wedding confirmed ?????

Post by msadrienne on Thu 24 Jul 2014, 16:52

I have read this article in the store this morning (just to see whether it is worth buying) and as usual I had to realise that it's a big pile of s...t just like many other things in this lovely "newspaper". Of course G is on the cover of this publication. (an old photo)
They have never interviewed him! They just collected a bunch of rumours and "facts" from other publications and created this garbage.
The tone in the article (allegedly said by G) is greatly disrespectful in certain sentences and the "journalist" uses words/sentences G would never in his life would use. 
The "journalist" migrated from then communist Hungary to the US with her husband and 8-month old son in the end of the 80s. Then in the 90s she started to be a journalist by publishing in Hungarian magazines as the big Hollywood reporter (she worked as a waitress).
In the beginning of this century she moved to Hollywood and acted like she was somebody. At that time she was paid (several millions a year!) by the Hungarian government (Hungarian Film Commission). She was supposed to promote Hungary as shoot location for movies but was fired in 2012 for not quite living up to this task (zero movies arranged by her). But at least she was able to spend a few years in luxury hotels on government money.
She is a member of the Golden Globe's 82-member voting body consisting of foreign journalists living in Hollywood. (job arranged by a Hungarian politician in the company of some money to whoever had to be paid off).
She periodically writes for low quality publications (mostly gossip). As she said in an interview in 2012, she never have actors as friends because they are in a different league and the two leagues (journalists-actors) do not mingle! She would never make that mistake.
Bottom line: always look at who publishes/writes an article to determine its credibility.

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Re: George Clooney Interview with Hungarian Magazine: September wedding confirmed ?????

Post by Joanna on Thu 24 Jul 2014, 16:57

Interesting information msadrienne....It's the same the world over in the gossip industry !
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Re: George Clooney Interview with Hungarian Magazine: September wedding confirmed ?????

Post by Sponsored content

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