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Sébastien Micke photographer for Paris Match in the USA- George Clooney picture

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Sébastien Micke photographer for Paris Match in the USA- George Clooney picture

Post by Nicky80 on Sun 08 Jun 2014, 10:47

Found on frenchies. Google translation (George is NOT mentioned in the article. Just posted it because of the picture).

Sébastien Micke photographer for Paris Match in the USA.

A 36-year-old Sébastien Micke is Paris Match correspondent in New York. A snapshot with George Clooney? Almost banal for this photographer.

Young, Sébastien Micke had seasons in the Voile Bleue to be able to afford a camera.

When Roger Thérond, the boss of Sète Paris Match, discovered his passion, he agrees to take the course. That was in 1999. At Paris, Sébastien joining a school of journalism and thus spends two months in weekly. Some subjects later, the session ends ... But every morning, the Sétois hangs at the entrance of Match, pretending to have forgotten his badge and between the same time as another. "Nobody knew I had to be there" in-he laughs again. Then, luck, a journalist looking for a photographer for social gatherings. "Four times a week with a good salary. I left school."

He photographed extraordinary people in ordinary situations.

For 3 years, he will drink champagne and take photos decentered. "It changed, I was amused." Throughout the evening, the Sétois got to know a businessman offering him to go to Pakistan to meet Musharraf: "It was a huge scoop." Back to Paris, "for not having a big head," he returned to his photos of the evening. A few portraits. Including the Noémie Lenoir with a snake. "This picture is a fool card." Seb is his style photograph extraordinary people in ordinary situations. Thus Mariah Carey happen in Match in evening dress in the kitchen, cooking an omelet.

For three years, honor, Sébastien Micke, 36, is responsible offices of the weekly New York. "Every week, I want a story to tell in the photos. Fumbles I. Being present everywhere. Meet. This requires impeccable hygiene life."

However, this frantic life did not prevent him from taking new Sète - he returned this summer after a two year absence - his parents, his friends. "Through the internet, you can stay in touch," he slips. Proof, it is also subscribed to the Facebook page of Midi Libre Sète.

Casamigos with Mr Clooney

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