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Blind Item NOT Related to George But...

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Blind Item NOT Related to George But...

Post by LornaDoone on Mon Jun 02 2014, 03:02

...to interesting not to post so I'm putting it in Party in the Kitchen.


Sunday, June 01, 2014
Blind Items Revealed

February 10, 2014

This B list mostly movie actor now was a mostly television actor on a hit show before his ego exploded. It exploded over the entire cast of his former show who all dislike him immensely and are enjoying watching him fail to get his movie star career launched and one actress from the show especially dislikes him because of an incident where she thinks he took advantage of her.

Dan Stevens

Posted by ent lawyer at 10:30 AM

The comments at the link are pretty good.  But what's pissing me off is I watched Season 3 of Dowton Abbey about a month ago and was crying my eyes out
when they killed off his character.

But now given that his ego exploded all over the rest of the cast I'm not surprised.


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Re: Blind Item NOT Related to George But...

Post by Katiedot on Mon Jun 02 2014, 09:32

Ohhh, I am sorry to read that. Hope it's not true because he comes across as a decent bloke. But then, we can never tell.


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Re: Blind Item NOT Related to George But...

Post by Alisonfan on Mon Jun 02 2014, 11:07

If you had said Mathew Crawely I would have known who Dan Stevens was, shame Dan didn't realise that.


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Re: Blind Item NOT Related to George But...

Post by Sponsored content Today at 02:08

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