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Four hypotheses why George stays single - from French magazine BE

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Four hypotheses why George stays single - from French magazine BE

Post by Katiedot on Sat 02 Apr 2011, 05:01

Found by Laetval:

Interesting theories although their fact checking could have been better . . . !

The Italian press has announced his breakup with Elisabetta Canalis. But why George Clooney is he unable to settle down? Any questions, four hypotheses.

Hypothesis 1: He is an eternal adolescent.
At 49 years and 11 months, Mr George admitted: "I am a teenager with a liver of 75 years, " alluding to his fiestas watered with his pals. Under the helmet pepper and salt, bouilonne temperament of playful kid. It no longer counts his joke: he secretly pays a seamstress to shrink the pants of a Matt Damon in full diet, he truffle M & M's shoes and pants of his producer Jerry Weintraub ... In Clooney, there is a clown. Therefore, how to build a couple, have children, when we itself have 12 years of mental age? When Elisabetta Canalis coward: "My maternal desires are fulfilled by my dogs, " the media saw in it as a rebuff to the wishes of George paternity. And the reason of his breakup. They forget that two years earlier, he bragged: "Children, I do not need it, Brad and Angelina lend me theirs." In Clooney, it is important to be inconsistent.

Hypothesis 2: He has a phobia of confinement.
Regarding marriage, he could have the verb bite of an Oscar Wilde or Sacha Guitry. On 21 January, on the set of Pies Morgan Tonight, our bear claws out: "I've been married. I have given, and proved how Bohl was inside!" Ah? Then indeed we find the trace of the sacred union: with Talia Balsam, Slovenian-born violinist, from 1989 to 1993. A very bad trip for George visibly. Should we see a rejection of the parental model? Indeed, his parents Nick and Nina are a couple for 50 years to life to death. (A) morality: the actor Confessions of a dangerous man flies more than it marries. Home life and evenings quiche-DVD is not his thing. And, after rowing up to 33 years, George is at his career more than anything.

Hypothesis 3: It is a repressed gay.
Just a hypothesis. A rumor running back and forth for years, as if being beautiful was hiding over a fatally. His repeated failures hetero deserve yet to dig up the question: Is George gay? Consciously, probably not, but in the long run, it becomes suspect never seen cuddling share moments with his ​​girlfriends. No love or kiss or stroll on the sand. Our man prefers the company of his 8 buddies from starts. The Boys, as he calls them. With them, he drinks Budweiser ... Arm in arm and neck. Hum. And then one remembers its projections for gay-friendly marriage of gay couples, for his Batma latex "totally gay" ... And we ask again: George, trap girls worldwide, would it not?

Hypothesis 4: He is totally narcissistic.
The star had the means of his passions. He could get the stars, a Natalie Portman a Cate Blanchett or even Scarlett. In short, the A-list. George's favorite Miss Nobody. A repetition. Pell-mell: Frenchy Celine Balitran the waitress Chateauroux, Sarah Larson, barmaid and go-go dancer in Las Vegas, Lisa Snowdon, reality TV starlet English, Lucy Wolvert waitress again until ragazza Elisabetta Canalis, known first to be Ms. Clooney. Their motivation to their do not discuss. For George, it's more trouble: to choose always the girls next door (ravishing idiot?) recalls the way of some people to surround itself with stooges. Dominate to better conquer. It is not on this basis we built a long term couple, isn't it?

And here's a fifth hypothesis: we know the love of the star for his mommy. At every red carpet together, he surrounds her from his Oedipus. He repeated over and over again : Nina and the love of his life. Faced with such competition, not easy to get a place in the heart of George.

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Re: Four hypotheses why George stays single - from French magazine BE

Post by blubelle on Sat 02 Apr 2011, 16:28

I'm interested in the first sentence - The Italian press has announced his breakup. Is this a fact or fiction?
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Re: Four hypotheses why George stays single - from French magazine BE

Post by lucy on Sat 02 Apr 2011, 16:39

I'll believe it only when she no longer is seen at Comc, or Stan makes a legit statement.
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Re: Four hypotheses why George stays single - from French magazine BE

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