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10 Sexy Movie Couplings That Melted The Screen

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10 Sexy Movie Couplings That Melted The Screen

Post by Sevens on Sat 22 Mar 2014, 14:13

10 Sexy Movie Couplings That Melted The Screen
Sexual chemistry: you either got it or you don’t. Film, of course, is awash with screen couples who look completely uncomfortable together and obviously have no connection whatsoever. Quite worryingly, this was certainly the case with married couples Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Gigli and Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut. Needless to say, those relationships didn’t limp on for a great deal longer…
But there have been some screen pairings whose chemistry sizzled so hard that they were capable of sending the audience into a total meltdown. Some of the duos listed here were already public items, some were are already cosying up in secret, whilst others weren’t even attracted to the same sex as their co-star. Some even disliked each other intensely in real life, making their performances together even more remarkable, whilst one couple had never met before filming, and never hung out again afterwards, but spent their short time together burning up the screen.
I could write an article about 100 such screen couples and still quite conceivably miss your favourites out, so feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section below (as long as it’s not Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart – hours of gormless staring does not mean chemistry). Spoilers within, of course.
1. George Clooney & Jennifer Lopez – Out Of Sight

Who Did They Play?

Smooth but incompetent bank robber Jack Foley and US Marshal Karen Sisco.

Why Did They Work?

We’ve covered animalistic sexuality, the rough, the ready and the intense throughout this article. Here is an intelligent coupling, where the emotional bonding and the sensuality is the predominant factor. Clooney and J-Lo make a classy, sleek pairing, and all the focus is on how both characters are aware that their flaws may be bringing them together, but their faults will keep them apart.

The two make probably the most realistic on-screen couple of all those discussed within the list. They compliment each other perfectly, with Sisco’s intelligence interlinking with Foley’s guileless charm. Both actors display unbelievable charisma in their performances, making you wish for, if not a sequel, then at least a follow-up movie together.

Did Art Spill Over Into Life?

No, J-Lo was about to squire a good friend of Clooney’s: Ben Affleck.

Sexiest Scene

Though the spooning scene in the boot of Sisco’s car is legendary, for me it’s the scene in the motel that works best, with an extremely comfortable and charged first date interspersed with the couple stripping for each other in the bedroom. Cool, classy and very sexy.

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Re: 10 Sexy Movie Couplings That Melted The Screen

Post by it's me on Sat 22 Mar 2014, 14:21

the bath tube scene too
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Re: 10 Sexy Movie Couplings That Melted The Screen

Post by LizzyNY on Mon 24 Mar 2014, 20:58

Love the whole movie, but for me the motel scene takes it all to a whole new level - not just super hot and sexy, but beautifully filmed and edited. Brilliant!  Smile 
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Re: 10 Sexy Movie Couplings That Melted The Screen

Post by Nicky80 on Mon 24 Mar 2014, 22:53

Thumbs up!
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Re: 10 Sexy Movie Couplings That Melted The Screen

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