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George Clooney's not as Perfect as You Think

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George Clooney's not as Perfect as You Think

Post by Mazy on Fri 07 Mar 2014, 04:12


By Tara March 6, 2014

Marco Sagliocco/PR Photos

Apparently, George Clooney isn’t good at something. Not that it matters, because the 52-year-old is still pretty perfect. The actor has admitted he’s not a good… singer. When he was filming the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou? in 2000, Georgey thought that he was going to nail the singing part since his late aunt, Rosemary Clooney, was a professional singer. George says he thought he rocked the song — and then looked over and nobody in the recording studio would make eye contact with him.

“I finished singing and looked up and there’s that glass booth with all of them in it and no one would look me in the eye,” George remembers. “They play it back and it was pretty bad… so bad I made them destroy it,” George laughs.

Um… awkward. Though I’d definitely make someone destroy a tape of me singing, too. With a sledgehammer. And a flamethrower, just in case. Anyway, does it really matter if The Monuments Men star isn’t a good singer? He’s an amazing actor, director, producer, he was the ’97 and ‘06 “Sexiest Man Alive” according to People (and everyone else…) — and he owned a pet pig named Max! Also, George not being a good singer only makes him more perfect to me, because I’m a bad singer, too. And since Mr. Brown Eyes and I have something in common, it means we’re twinsies, right?
Oh, George. Perfect, or imperfect we still love you.

What do you think? Do you care that George isn’t a good singer? Or is he still amazing?
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