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Top guest stars in 'Murder, She Wrote'

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Top guest stars in 'Murder, She Wrote'

Post by Katiedot on Mon 21 Feb 2011, 18:11

Feb 21, 2011
Well, if we are going to give props to Matlock, then Murder, She Wrote deserves some Candy love!

Who doesn't love the wonderfully talented Angela Lansbury?

Angela Lansbury in 'Murder, She Wrote.'CAPTIONAPShe entered millions of households weekly, for 12 seasons (and four post-season TV movies) as high school English teacher turned mystery writer and amateur detective Jessica Fletcher. Each week a new murder would take place within the vicinity of Jessica, and she would never fail to solve it. (Note to self: Stay far away from Jessica Fletcher and Cabot Cove, Maine.) Along with her recurring cast, there were some well-known and award-winning actors present for each reveal. Here are my Pop Five Murder, She Wrote Guest Stars That the Kids Might Recognize:

1. George Clooney – The handsome George can be found all over TV in his early career. Shortly after his stint on The Facts of Life, he guest-starred on MSW, this time playing an engaged son to one of a comic duo -- and, of course, murder and mayhem ensued!

2. Daniel Dae Kim – Jin appeared in the 2000 Murder, She Wrote movie – A Story to Die For. I have been told that any opportunity to mention someone who was on Lost is a big bonus, as it allows Lost fans to reminisce.

3. Courtney Cox – Can you believe a young Monica Geller starred as Jessica's soon-to-be-wed niece? Grandpa is missing and presumed dead, but she gets a wedding present that makes her believe he is still alive. Jessica searches for her wayward brother-in-law and ends up at the circus. This is a two-parter ... will Jessica clear g-pa in time for the wedding?

4. Joaquin Phoenix – Before "retiring" from acting, donning Gladiator garb and dressing in black, Phoenix was a sweet-faced little boy who liked theme parks. His relative Jessica takes him and his sister (real-life sister Summer) to a park based on horror elements from her mystery books. Is there any doubt that a murder is around the corner?

5. Neil Patrick Harris – It's legend ... ary! Hot off his stint as Doogie Howser, NPH grabs a spot on MSW as a delivery boy witness to ….murder! Of course, he becomes the prime suspect. Can Jessica find the real murderer?

From: http://content.usatoday.com/communities/popcandy/post/2011/02/todays-pop-five-shoppinhollys-fave-murder-she-wrote-guest-stars/1

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Re: Top guest stars in 'Murder, She Wrote'

Post by Merlin on Mon 21 Feb 2011, 20:24

Aaahh he was lovely in that.....As well as starting a rerun of ER just a couple of weeks ago...they are also advertising Return to Horror High and the clips are always of George...(he is only in it for about 5 minutes LOL)
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