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The Hottest Hollywood Presidents

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The Hottest Hollywood Presidents

Post by Katiedot on Mon 21 Feb 2011, 16:55

From Miami Herald

Posted on Monday 20 Feb 2011

The hottest Hollywood presidents .

This President’s Day we’re paying homage to the hottest Hollywood hunks who have run the Oval Office. They’ve won wars, stopped meteorites and foiled terrorists. Obama, Kennedy and Clinton have nothing on these guys.

Josh Brolin: Who could forget his portrayal of an awkward, insecure President Bush in W. Never did the Texan look so good in a suit.

Harrison Ford: Our fave action hero , he made winning the war on terror seem effortless in Air Force One . Caught in the middle of a Russian terrorism plot, he never lost his cool and managed to save the day - from an airplane.

Dennis Haysbert: We were in good hands when this hunky prez was in charge on 24.

George Clooney: Not since JFK was there a better (looking) candidate. A president on edge, he had our vote from the beginning in Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over.

Michael Douglas: He was at his most patriotic in The American President. A liberal at heart, he made falling in love politically correct. Who says the commander in chief can’t find happiness?

Martin Sheen: Confidence, brains and rationality made this prez so sexy on The West Wing. Now if only he could use some of those tactics on Charlie.

Billy Bob Thornton: Lewinsky who? Audiences booed the elusive celeb when he tried to steal an aide from Hugh Grant in L ove Actually (blue dress not included).

Bill Pullman: Aliens had nothing on this bad boy when he and his cabinet stopped the Independence Day invasion.

Dennis Quaid: In The Special Relationship, he traded in his brown locks for a salt and pepper hairdo as Clinton in the HBO drama. His dead-on impression was worth his reported 50-pound weight gain.

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Re: The Hottest Hollywood Presidents

Post by melbert on Mon 21 Feb 2011, 16:59

Forgot he was President in Spy Kids. I loved that scene where he lifted up that black bar away from his eyes.
George Clooney fan forever!

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